The ‘Power Rangers’ brand has had a long and storied history during its run over the past quarter of a century. We have seen a lot of changes to the license over the years, but this year the brand is seeing what might be it’s biggest change yet- the jump to Hasbro! For the entirety of ‘Power Rangers’ existence, Bandai America has held the master toy license for the brand, but last year Hasbro bought the license (and the entire ‘Power Rangers’ brand) from Saban with plans to relaunch ‘Power Rangers’ even bigger and better than ever! This year at New York Toy Fair 2019 Hasbro showcased their first ever ‘Power Rangers’ collectibles, with figures geared towards both kids and collectors!

Perhaps the most talked about item Hasbro showed off at Toy Fair 2019 (besides the newly remixed ‘Power Rangers’ theme song by DJ White Shadow) was the full first wave of their new 6″ scale ‘Power Rangers: Lightning Collection’ line! This line is quickly being compared to Hasbro’s 6″ scale ‘Marvel Legends’ and ‘Star Wars: Black Series’ lines, and as those are two of the most popular lines on the market that is definitely not a bad sign!

The first wave of the ‘Power Rangers: Lightning Collection’ is releasing in stores in April 2019 and will be made up of four figures from across the ‘Power Rangers’ universe. Each figure will character specific accessories and be super articulated, giving us what may be the best ‘Power Rangers’ figures ever made! Wave 1 consists of the following figures-

  • ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ White Ranger (with unmasked Tommy Head)
  • ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Lord Zedd
  • ‘Power Rangers: Dino Charge’ Red Ranger (with unmasked Tyler head)
  • ‘Power Rangers: S.P.D.’ Shadow Ranger (with unmasked Commander Cruger head)

If that first wave isn’t enough to get you excited, Hasbro also had two more upcoming figures in their showcase, with a sneak peek at the new ‘Power Rangers Beast Morpher’ Red Ranger from Wave 2 of the ‘Power Rangers: Lightning Collection’, plus the Gamestop exclusive Goldar! Hasbro also showed off some new figures aimed towards younger kids so that fans of every age can get in on the brand!

All of the figures mentioned are available for pre-order now through (and in the case of the exclusive Goldar). Check out our full Hasbro Power Rangers photo gallery from New York Toy Fair 2019 below!