Marvel Studios hasn’t been doing the best of jobs with some of the women in the lives of Marvel’s heroes though director Scott Derrickson was clearly a bit offended on what some thought about Rachel McAdams‘ role in ‘Doctor Strange. So far, even with all her intelligence, ‘Thor’ gave us a rather “in the background” Jane Foster. Tony Stark’s now ex from ‘Iron Man’ may have challenged him but was used a little more than bait which only leaves Captain America having an actual strong woman in his life with Peggy Carter. So what about the idea of Rachel McAdams’ role in ‘Doctor Strange’?

I should probably warn you there are some slight spoilers ahead in the next image in case you haven’t seen the film.

According to Yahoo Movies latest headline “Let’s hope Rachel McAdams is the last great actress to play a useless superhero girlfriend,” it would seem that someone just didn’t watch the film and Derrickson called them out on it:


Now, that my friends is truly a fantastic a response!

Thankfully not everyone had seen it that way as was clear by some tweets that Derrickson received such as:

Honestly, I feel that Derrickson made some perfect points. She saved people, puts Doctor Strange in place and isn’t just a background girlfriend who needs to be saved.

What are your thoughts on Rachel McAdams’ character? Was she a strong leading lady that helped advance the plot along or did you feel that like a few women in Marvel’s past that her acting talents were wasted? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

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