Well, it seems as though Marvel and Netflix want to ensure that everyone can get in on the fun when they launch ‘The Defenders’ in 2017, as thanks to a recent Twitter digital poster (check it out below the jump) we have learned that Deborah Ann Woll’s character of Karen Page will also be joining the series. Karen was, of course, an integral part of ‘Daredevil’ Seasons 1 and 2, and is currently working on the ‘Punisher’ series, so clearly she is an important part of the Netflix corner of the Marvel universe, so it was pretty surprising that she was one of the last characters announced for ‘The Defenders,’ especially now that her character officially works for the New York Bulletin. In the world of comic books, being a reporter gives a character a lot of clout, as it makes them a character who can move the plot along and provide a lot of exposition and background information for the audience, making Karen invaluable for any series she is a part of now, especially since these Netflix shows are so dense, and getting to the backgrounds and motivations of the characters can be a challenge, unless every series is going to have a flashback episode where they lay out exactly where the hero/ villain comes from (for example, ‘Luke Cage‘ had 3 of these flashback episodes, Luke in prison, Cottonmouth’s first kill as a young man, and Luke’s young life as a minister’s son).

Karen will join Froggy Nelson (Elden Hensen), Malcolm (Eka Darville), Misty Knight (Simone Missick) and Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) as the main supporting cast of ‘The Defenders,’ meaning that almost every supporting characters from every series so far will be making an appearance on the big series, and that is not counting any characters they plan to pull in from the upcoming ‘Iron Fist’ series, or characters like Jeri Hogarth who will most likely be making a small appearance as well. Of course, for all we know all of these characters might just be making a small cameo as the series is only 8 episodes and I am sure most of the screen time will be devoted to the main four heroes and Sigourney Weaver’s villain, but even small cameos will go a long way toward making it all feel connected and like the culmination of years of work on the end of Marvel and Netflix.

Are you excited for ‘The Defenders’ and to see all these characters in the same series? Do you have any theories about how it is all going to work? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!