Game of Thrones

The Season 6 premiere of ‘Game of Thrones‘ is rapidly approaching and fans can’t wait, seeing as how Season 5 ended with a lot of questions up in the air.  And while by design, the characters on the show are all multifaceted with different layers to their personalities– after all, who would have ever though fans would feel so sympathetic to the usually horrendous Cersei Lannister?– there is one character whose fate is the most in question, Jon Snow.

Of course HBO isn’t going to let that cat out of the bag early.  You’ll have to tune in find out the answer that question.

And speaking of questions, this latest batch of promotional photos is pretty mysterious and may leave viewers with even more questions!

We have sixteen new character posters, showcasing various castmembers… past and present, dead and alive.  There’s Daenerys– alive.  But then there’s Joffrey– dead (and hopefully rotting in hell).  And then there’s Jon Snow, who as of this point, seems to be dead.  Sure it would be ballsy for the hit show– which has no qualms about killing off long-running characters– to off one of its most popular characters.  But is it likely?

At any rate, these posters are in keeping with the teaser trailer released last week, depicting the heads of the dead set to snippets of ominous dialogue and the line, “The Long Night Is Coming… And The Dead Come With It.”

Their heads appear to be embedded in the Hall of Faces at the House of Black and White, the domain of the Faceless Men, so clearly those characters will be key moving forward.

Here is a sample, of the posters:


And below you can view the remaining fifteen:

What do you think these images mean?  Are you ready for winter’s return?

Season 6 of ‘Game of Thrones’ will begin on April 24, 2016 on HBO.

Source: Wall Street Journal, Comic Book Movie