DC Comics Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns, spoke to Collider who questioned him about the possibility of digging into the vault to dredge up some of the old pitches and scripts for various live action features that wound up never being made and making them into animated features. He replied, “There’s always a possibility.  That’s not the first time that’s come up.  There’s always discussions about what would be really cool to do.

Okay not a resounding YES by any means, but there’s hope.  Most fans know a bit about Kevin Smith’s script for a Superman revival which ended up being scrapped after Warner Brothers spent millions developing it.  Smith had hoped to pit Superman against Brainiac, a classic villain who has never appeared in live action before.  Unfortunately, most of us also know about the studio interference he endured in the process, with him being ordered to give Brainiac a gay robot assistant and forcing Superman to fight a giant spider.

J.J. Abrams also gave the Man of Steel a go, with a concept called Superman: Flyby, which would have depicted a civil war on the planet Krypton, which winds up destroying the planet and spilling over onto Earth.

Unfortunately, both these pitches were nixed in favor of the tepidly received Superman Returns, directed by Bryan Singer, which was criticized for being too similar to the 70s-80s era films and not breaking any new ground.

And the closest Wonder Woman has come to the silver screen was when Joss Whedon attempted to adapt the Amazon Princess in a film in which she would start out as a powerful goddess who was confused by all of the crime and war in our world and with Steve Trevor helping to open her eyes and embrace humanity.

There may even be others that I don’t know about!  Warner Brothers has already spent the money developing these ideas, beyond simply the cost of the scripts.  Why not seize the opportunity to get some of their cash back? Of these three, Wonder Woman’s has the least likely shot of getting made, because she isn’t really a “name” among the general public right now and her last movie didn’t perform as well as Warner Brothers wanted (although in the long run, sales remained steady).  But maybe if they advertised it using Whedon’s name, that could really drive sales.

Would you be interested in seeing an animated version that reflect how these projects may have turned out?  Comment below!