New TV spots have been released for the much anticipated ‘Evil Dead’ remake set to hit theaters April 5th.

The first is a fan reaction video to the previously released trailer:

There are some very cringe-worthy moments in the previously released trailers (especially when Mia, played by Jane Levy, splits her tongue in half and then tries to make out with her terrified bestie. Gross). It makes sense for these ‘OMG’ type reactions, some however look like they’re jumping and based on what I’ve seen, there doesn’t really fell like a lot of jump-out-at-you type of footage in the previews that would warrant that kind of reaction. Puking, maybe. Jumping, no. Gotta love that Granny is watching these trailers and that her reaction is extremely mild compared to the other tweens featured in the video. The second video features new footage from the film:

The new footage is great in the sense that it provides a bit more information about the other characters, as the previous trailers focus almost solely on Mia’s ascension into demon-hood. Seems like  pseudo-intellectual guy (played by Lou Taylor Pucci) is both the summoner of evil and the one that’s most eager to flee and or make a plan to send said evil back to hell. Thank you Captain Obvious, just because you wear glasses doesn’t make your smart. Just sayin’.

When it comes to this particular film there is no where I would rather be than at the movie theater, opening night, front and center with popcorn in my hands (and most likely hair) and my eyes fulled with the bloody cluster-f*ck of visuals this movie looks like its going to be. My biggest hope among hopes is that director Fede Alvarez does it some justice. Tell us what you think of these new TV spots in the comments section below!