In a surprising turn of events, director Tim Miller, one of the creative minds behind the box office box office success of ‘Deadpool,’ has left the sequel project over creative differences with its star Ryan Reynolds.

Rumor had it that it was Miller who actually leaked the ‘Deadpool’ test footage to the joy of comic book fans which immediately prompted Fox studios to greenlight the film. ‘Deadpool’ made over $782 million worldwide and even before the film opened in theaters, a sequel was already in the works. While no formal contract was made with Miller and Fox to direct, he was working with Reynolds on a script and it was unofficially planned that he would also return to helm the sequel.

Sources say that Reynolds and Miller increasingly disagreed over certain creative decisions. As many know, ‘Deadpool’ is a very dear project to Reynolds and he has been very vocal in ensuring the success of the film franchise and keeping the essence of the character intact on the big screen (especially after the horrendous way the character was portrayed in ‘X-Men: Origins: Wolverine’). And while some exits can be prickly (Edgar Wright’s exit from ‘Ant-Man’ for example), Fox is saying that Miller’s split is amicable.

Miller will immediately be jumping from ‘Deadpool 2’ into his next project with the studio helming the big screen adaptation of David Suarez’ novel ‘Influx’ which is expected to be the first of a franchise trilogy.

As for ‘Deadpool 2,’ Fox will now be searching for another director. With the production of the film slated to begin production next year for a 2018 release, an announcement may come sooner than later.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

Source: Deadline