The Transformers are returning for a couple of new outings as Paramount Pictures and Hasbro have hired two scribes to each write a new film! According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studios are developing the two films at the same time and have tapped James Vanderbilt (‘Independence Day: Resurgence’,’The Amazing Spider-Man 2′) and Joby Harold (‘Army of the Dead‘,’King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’) to put these scripts together.

This is the first news of the studio moving forward with a “Transformers” film since the 2018 release of ‘Bumblebee.’ The movie resonated with fans due to the 80s look and character development which was leaps and bounds over the Michael Bay movies. Sadly, while the film was one of the best in the franchise, it only made $468 million worldwide at the box office. When it was released, it was after Bay had already given us an overload of films and was going up against ‘Aquaman’ over a holiday season.


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What stories could these two films follow you might wonder? A report by Deadline shares that Vanderbilt has been working on a plot based on the “Beast Wars” line since April of 2019. For those unfamiliar with the story, the “Beast Wars” were an animated series that debuted in 1996 and had the Transformers turning into animals in Earth’s past. As the story progressed, you would learn that this isn’t an alternate timeline but a time travel adventure that had the Transformers part of our past.

Alternatively, they also reported a sequel to ‘Bumblebee’ was in the works, which is likely what Harold is working on. There is no word if it would be a direct sequel or take place with this version of the Transformers.

Are you looking forward to Paramount and Hasbro developing two more “Transformers” movies? Would you be more excited to see a “Beast Wars” film or sequel to ‘Bumblebee’? Transform and share your thoughts in the comments below!