With the film’s premiere set for March of 2017, we’re likely still at least a month or two away from getting any real preview’s of ‘Logan’. At least in terms of footage. Director James Mangold and others have been sharing early previews (largely in the form of set photos and promotional stills) through a variety of social media outlets.

Most recently, Mangold shared one of artist Gabriel Hardman’s storyboards for one of the film’s action sequences through his Twitter account. Or rather, he shared a portion of the storyboard. Two panels to be exact. However, this was clearly intended to whet our appetites, as Mangold promised in reply to a fan’s tweet that there would be “more to come’.

The storyboard (seen below) shows Logan crashing claws first through the windshield of a car. But who’s behind the wheel? It’s impossible to tell, of course, based on the storyboard fragment that Mangold tweeted, but assuming it’s not just a random goon? We’d put our money on Donald Pierce, who was recently confirmed as the film’s villain. Not only was the Instagram post that confirmed Pierce’s presence in the film accompanied by a picture of actor Boyd Holbrook behind the wheel of a truck, but assuming that the vehicle in the storyboard is driven by Pierce, it could also be drawn from a flashback sequence detailing Logan and Pierce’s history. In the comics, Pierce rebuilt himself as a cyborg after having been mutilated in a confrontation with Wolverine.



Due for release on March 3, 2017, ‘Logan’ sees both the return of James Mangold, who previously directed ‘The Wolverine’, and the departure of Hugh Jackman from the franchise. In addition to Jackman, the film’s cast includes Boyd Holbrook, Patrick Stewart, Elise Neal, Stephen Merchant, Elizabeth Rodriguez, and Richard E. Grant.