During the MTV Awards, J.J. Abrams appeared in a short segment about the “best worst archery expert” working in the business, Lester Boonshaft (played by Joel Hale). While on the surface the short was an amusing parody of many featurettes of stars and directors giving kudos to someone, an eagle-eyed Trekkie noticed a particular picture on the monitor screen behind Abrams.

It appears that there was a blurry Klingon on the screen similar to the one that was in the deleted scenes from the 2009 ‘Star Trek’ film. Here’s a closer look at the monitor below:

Many shrugged it off as a clever misdirection from Abrams as he joked in the clip how he had to remove the Klingon sub-plot from ‘Star Trek 2’ because he didn’t want to work with the archery coach. Some even attributed the image as coming from the original ‘Star Trek’ reboot movie that ended up on the cutting room floor and wasn’t included in the DVD extra.

Hitflix, however, was able to confirm that the image was indeed new and from the upcoming sequel and it is most definitely a Klingon!

Sources at Paramount, who wouldn’t go on record for a comment, did point out that the image was not in the clip by accident. So what does it all mean? Whether this is Abrams’ subtle way of teasing fans about a Klingon presence is not known. How much of a presence or how they will be incorporated in the overall storyline is still in question. After all, although Simon Pegg emphatically stated that Benedict Cumberbatch is not Khan, rumors are still flying to the contrary. For all we know, the Klingon may have a short scene and not be part of the grand scheme of the film. That would definitely be something Abrams would do to tease the fans then watch the internet go wild with speculation.

If you missed the MTV Awards, you can watch the clip with Abrams below.

Joel McHale is the Best Worst Archery Expert:

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So what are your thoughts? Are you happy to see Klingons incorporated in the film? As for me, with the movie now in post-production, I just hope a teaser will be coming out soon that will explain it all!