It’s not often that my fanboy dream casting and the actual casting agree. Luckily in the case of Anne Hathaway being cast in the role of Selina Kyle aka Catwoman in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, it did! Hathaway’s got that playful yet slinky look that’s required of Catwoman.

Since the announcement, fans have been wondering what the final Catwoman costume would look like. Would it be closer to the stitch-happy Michelle Pfieffer version of Catwoman that we saw in Tim Burton’s ‘Batman Returns’ or more like the comic book version?

As it turns out, it’s neither. The first official image of Selina Kyle was released this morning via Warner Bros’ official ‘Dark Knight’ website and it looks like Nolan’s costume crew just slapped a generic tight leather suit and a high tech Lone Ranger mask on to Hathaway and called it a day. While I doubt many comic fans will complain of Hathaway in skin-tight leather, I was rather hoping to see her trademark goggles and pointy ears. One has to wonder is this the actual costume or just an outfit she was wearing in one of the scenes. reported that there were some photos from the set that got leaked shortly after Warner Bros. released the above picture. Here’s what appears to be Anne’s stunt double riding through chaos.