Wonder Woman is immortal as long as she dwells on Paradise Island, but what is Lynda Carter’s secret to eternal youth?  The actor who played ‘Wonder Woman’ in the 70s doesn’t appear to have aged a day since that heyday.

Carter, who also appeared on an episode of ‘Smallville’, is returning to superhero prime-time action in the third episode of ‘Supergirl’ which will air in two weeks.  Carter will play the President of the United States, Olivia Marsdin, a name that would appear to be a tribute to William Moulton Marsden, the psychiatrist who created Wonder Woman back in 1942 as an alternative to the testosterone-heavy male superheroes appearing at the time.

Check out Carter as President Marsdin below:





In the episode, entitled “Welcome To Earth,” President Marsdin will need Supergirl’s protection as the humans vs. aliens debate boils over with Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) suspecting that Mon-El (Chris Wood) could be a threat.  Meanwhile, her sister Alex (Chyler Leigh) will team up with new character Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima).

Carter stated that Hillary Rodham Clinton was an inspiration for her role.  Well, it looks like they share similar taste in boxy Nehru jackets.  (Too harsh?)

Carter truly embodies the spirit of Wonder Woman, encouraging female empowerment and she has gone on the record to praise ‘Supergirl’ as well as Gal Gadot as the new ‘Wonder Woman’.

As we previously reported, ‘Supergirl”s premiere on The CW scored massive numbers and surely, Carter’s appearance will help the show continue to deliver large numbers.

As far as Wonder Woman, next year marks the character’s 75th Anniversary, which will be marked by the United Nations declaring October 21st Wonder Woman Day, the release of the ‘Wonder Woman’ movie directed by Patty Jenkins, the US Postal Service issuing a set of Forever Stamps and more festivities.

Are you looking forward to Lynda Carter as the PotUS on ‘Supergirl’?