fantastic fourThe ‘Fantastic Four‘ might be officially returning to the 616 Continuity of Marvel comics in the second issue of their new book but quite a bit has changed since they’ve been gone. It is unclear if Mr. Fantastic will still wield the power of a God when he returns after he has been out and about galavanting around the multiverse and trying to restore it to its formal glory. However, what is clear is that Parker Industries bought out the Baxter Building while Marvel’s First Family was away and had to sell it when the company went under.

You’d imagine that Mr. Fantastic and his family would want to return to their home and work out of it once more, but when they do come back, it appears that there will be a new set of rivals working out of their home base – the Fantastix.

We aren’t going to see the new team until ‘Fantastic Four’ #4, but in true Marvel fashion, it is likely that the two foursomes are going to go up against one another when they do meet.

According to Executive Editor Tom Brevoort:

“As we get back to things down on Earth, we introduce a new team of Super Heroes who are operating out of the Baxter Building who are surprised when the Fantastic Four show up on the doorstep, thinking that they still have the rent on the place.”

This will likely pit the two teams against one another as that is generally what happens in Marvel comics when you see heroes having a misunderstanding. These heroes clearly picked their name based on the ‘Fantastic Four,’ and my money is on both teams working out of the Baxter Building as the series moves forward. My only question will be if they can work together or are secretly a plant that will end up as villains.

Are you looking forward to seeing the introduction of The Fantastix? Do you think that these two groups can work together, or at least out of the same building? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

You can pick up ‘Fantastic Four’ #4 at your local comic shop on Wednesday, November 28th, 2018!

Source: Marvel