Let’s be honest, there was a lot of expectation for this episode as it was finally going to give us another major step forward in the Amy and Sheldon relationship, akin to the epic episode from last season where they finally decided to have sex while the rest of the gang went and saw ‘The Force Awakens.’ Let me say, while this episode had a lot of great moments, it was ultimately a little disappointing. I cannot be the only one that has noticed that ‘The Big Bang Theory” episodes are running shorter and shorter every season, with episodes this season running around 18 and a half minutes. This episode I definitely felt that run time. The whole episode felt like it was building up to the couple finally moving in together, with the whole discussion of Amy and Sheldon moving into Penny’s apartment as an experiment, and then leading into their first night together and setting all the rules and parameters taking up most of the episode. And then we lost of a lot of time with the frankly weird and not that funny b-plot of Raj knowing the sex of the Wolowitz baby and Bernie and Howard trying to decide whether or not to ask him what it was. The Penny and Leonard plot was amusing with them feeling finally free now that Sheldon had moved out, but ultimately we wanted more time with Sheldon and Amy, and the episode did not deliver all that much.

The Cohabitation ExperimentationPoint being, by the time we finally got into the best parts of the hijinks of Sheldon making Amy miserable while they are sleeping, leading into a huge fight between the pair the next morning, which of course leads into them trading insults and then running back to their apartment to make out, the episode is already over, and it feels like the meat of the story is just beginning. I get it that this is just the set-up episode for the next couple of episodes, but it should not feel like a set-up episode, it should feel complete by itself, and not like something I should have to be binge-watching to appreciate. ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is not on Netflix, it is on network television where I have to wait at least a week between every episode, which means I want every episode to count.

The Cohabitation ExperimentationAll in all, I think the show is starting to run out of steam, and the cracks are starting to show, but feel free to let me know if you disagree. There are still some good jokes, and I did enjoy the gags with Sheldon trying to adjust to a new bed and living with another human being, especially since it is Amy, but 4 seasons ago there was a lot more the show could have mined from this premise, and I could not help but walk away from tonight’s showing a little disheartened.


LEONARD: You don’t have your head shoved in a toilet as often as I did and not pick up a few things about plumbing.

RAJ: (on knowing the identity of the Wolowitz baby) It was an accident. The doctor left the folder out on the desk. It’s not my fault I opened it and looked.

SHELDON: (on hearing Amy does not know how much underwear she brought for the move) You truly are the Goofus to my Gallant.
AMY: That’s me.

SHELDON: (discussing what side of the bed to take) Then again what are the odds of someone attacking me.
AMY: (annoyed) Rising rapidly.

AMY: I’m so sore I don’t think I slept 2 minutes last night.
PENNY: Yeah get it girl.
AMY: It’s not what you think.
LEONARD: I think I pulled something. Why didn’t you tell me to stop?
PENNY: Even more not what you think.



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