Frank Castle made a huge splash when he premiered in ‘Daredevil’, so much that he is getting his own series but it isn’t going to stop there! We’ve learned ‘The Tick‘ is set to parody the hell out of the character!  Amazon Studios has ordered a full season pickup, and this fun little tidbit just came to us out of  New York Comic-Con 2016. The creator of ‘The Tick’, Ben Edlund, was joined by executive producer Barry Josephson to talk about the series.

Before we get to more about ‘The Punisher’ parody, we’ve got some fantastic news for fans of Patrick Warburton. Warburton was, of course, the first person to play ‘The Tick’ in a live-action version of the series and was memorable for truly embodying the character (dare I say, much more so than the newcomer?). While Josephson was vague saying that “He’ll do something special. I can’t say exactly when,” Edlund opened up a bit more about Warburton’s part by saying:

I think he’ll have a really interesting role. They’ll be some comments on the Tick because he was The Tick. Everyone in the whole live-action was wonderful, so if we have the opportunity to use Nestor [Carbonell], and Liz [Vassey] and Dave [Burke] in different forms, that’s something that will be special for us.

As Edlund has had a say in every iteration of ‘The Tick’ since he created the character, it should be interesting to see how he has a modern Tick square off on screen with an actor who once played the character. It’d be fitting if this took place in a mental institute due to the character’s extensive past there and the fact that Warburton could still claim to be the actual Tick in that scenario.

When talking about why now was the absolute perfect time to bring back ‘The Tick’ to television he continued that:

The current environment is a perfect place to have fun with superheroes. It’s s situation where I never anticipated this level of superhero saturation in our culture. It’s the perfect hunting ground for The Tick. There’s never been a public more educated” on superheroes, making it “Exactly the right time for us to join in.

On supporting characters, and here’s where that Punisher parody is dropped, Edlund says that Jackie Earle Haley’s The Terror:

is definitely going to be an important part of the first reason and how Arthur (Griffin Newman) emerges as a hero.

And that there would be:

A very, very violent vigilante character – who won’t have a skull on his chest, but he will be quite hardline in his reasoning.

And finally a spoof of SHIELD where:

A government organization that has fused between some superhero registration and tracking and a homeland security nightmare.

While I did enjoy the pilot, I’m not fully sold on the series as of yet. Some of these spoofs that are being teased have me hoping that ‘The Tick’ will keep my eyes fully glued to Amazon when the full season premieres as it is shaping up to be something special.

Are you looking forward to the return of ‘The Tick’? Do you feel the pilot gave us the grounds for a show that will be worth watching? Share your thoughts below!

Source: IGN.

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