With viewer numbers having dropped dramatically for the second season of ‘Sleepy Hollow,’ it seems that showrunner Mark Goffman is stepping away from the series. This ratings slump and actress Katia Winter verbally complaining about the writing on the series seems to be another major blow to the show. With Goffman having left the show, the network is now eagerly trying to line up a new showrunner and executive producer for this drama about Ichabod Crane having been transported to modern America to save the world from the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

While the first season had strong ratings that averaged in the 8 million mark, this season has fallen to half of that. Without a third season order officially having been lined up, these numbers combined with having to find a new showrunner to carry the series might spell bad news for the show. Of course, a change of direction might be just we need to push the series back into being a fan favorite.

With how much I enjoyed Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie in the first season, I am firmly in the disappointed camp with how things have been unfolding. Even so, with how the finale ended I would hate for us to not have a chance to find out what happens from there. While I don’t feel that the character of Katrina is fully to blame for this season, she absolutely got into the way of the dynamic between Crane and Lietenant Mills that was part of what made the show so enjoyable. I think things would have played out better if what happened to Mills at the end of the season had happened to Katrina instead.

What do you think about the showrunner changing on ‘Sleepy Hollow’? Will this be the saving grace for the series or are we going to see another Fox genre series bite the big one? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend