batwoman cover epting

While the focus of many comic conventions, has shifted to more of a multimedia approach over the years, they nonetheless continue to bring with them a wealth of comics announcements, ranging from new creative teams to entirely new series. This weekend’s New York Comic Con is no different, with perhaps the biggest reveal so far being DC’s announcement of an ongoing series starring Batwoman.

The new series, which is due to spin out of the twice-monthly ‘Detective Comics’ beginning in January, will be scripted by Marguerite with pencils by Steve Epting. While Bennett has made quite a name for herself at both DC and Marvel over the last several years, ‘Batwoman’ represents Eptings first work for DC in well over a decade.

The Batwoman series will begin with a ‘Rebirth’ one shot in February, followed by the launch of the series proper in March. Ahead of the ‘Batwoman Rebirth’ special, writer Marguerite Bennett will join James Tynion IV to co-write a two-issue storyline in  ‘Detective Comics’. This arc, titled ‘Batwoman Begins’ is set to run in the January issues of ‘Detective’, will serve to set up the new Batwoman series and lead in to the ‘Rebirth’ issue. Tynion is also set to serve as Bennett’s co-writer for the first arc of ‘Batwoman’.

Though DC’s handling of the character has at times been controversial, Batwoman has nevertheless established herself (and very quickly at that) as a fan favorite character following her reintroduction a decade ago. In that time, she has seldom been without a monthly ongoing comic. For the first time, however, she will now be appearing in two ongoing series every month, as she is set to remain a part of the ‘Detective Comics’ cast.

Batwoman is currently appearing ‘Detective Comics’ as the leader of a team of Gotham City heroes that includes Red Robin, Spoiler, and Clayface.