luke cage misty knight

There is a lot of excitement for Marvel content out there these days, especially since the next two installments in the MCU are going to be ‘Doctor Strange’ (due out on November 4th) and the sequel to ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ which is due out next summer. However, even though the movies are beloved, there is a smaller corner of the MCU that has fans just as excited, especially since we will be seeing the culmination of all of their plans next year, very similarly to what we experienced when ‘The Avengers’ came out. Of course I’m talking about the Netflix corner of the MCU, and next year’s ‘The Defenders’ series, which will bring together all of the heroes (and potentially villains) we have seen so far across ‘Daredevil,’ ‘Jessica Jones,’ ‘Luke Cage’ (out this Friday) and ‘Iron fist’ (which is coming out in the Spring). And of course, it would not be a massive crossover event if it was only the main heroes coming together, and we have learned so far that Claire Temple will be making an appearance, as will Foggy Nelson and Malcolm Ducasse, not to mention Stick and potentially Jeri Hogarth.

Now we have learned from a very reliable source that Misty Knight will make an appearance during ‘The Defenders’ as well, which is very exciting. Early reviews of ‘Luke Cage’ claim that Misty Knight is one of the highlights of the series, and I cannot wait to see her in action when the show premieres this week.  According to actress Simone Missick who is playing Misty Knight: “\

“I believe I’m safe to say that I will be on ‘The Defenders.’ Spoiler alert! If I lose my job because of this interview, sorry! I was supposed to be on The Defenders, until I got fired.”

Hopefully she’s just kidding, but you never know with Marvel and their NDA’s… Anyways, I cannot wait to see what role Misty will be playing in the team-up series, and to see if it will play at all into her becoming a superhero of her own accord, thus paving the way for yet another hero into Netflix MCU. Are you excited about Misty Knight joining ‘The Defenders?’ Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Cinema Blend