Things are heating up for ‘Torchwood’ and it appears as if what is now being called “Classic Torchwood” (a phrase apparently started here on folks!) is beginning to emerge. I know, for all the amazing comments on my recent posts, that many fans feel the Classic is dead. I can now see glimpses of the Golden Age of ‘Torchwood’ beginning to surface!

Don’t get me wrong, faithful followers, this is still not the Classic Torchwood we all know and love. However, ‘Escape from L. A.’ seems to be reviving a bit of the old magic. Esther has gone to her sister’s house which is, of course, a fairly idiotic move. As far as Torchwood goes, she has no business being part of the team.

Dr. Juarez attends a meeting at an abandoned hospital where the plan is to use it as an “overflow” for the people who have been discarded from society after not actually dying.

As Esther leaves her mentally unstable sister and phones Child Protective Services to be sure the children are taken care of, a mysterious figure is photographing her. This is precisely why Esther will eventually become a major problem for the team. Please don’t think I dislike her for no reason, she is sweet, and smart, but Torchwood is comprised of the best minds and trained for this type of work. Esther is part of the team by default, simply because she was there.

The team arrives at the beach where Jack and Gwen stick out like the proverbial sore thumb. This isn’t Cardiff kids, take of the jackets and look like you fit in. Jack has his signature great coat on while the locals are walking around in swimsuits. It is… a bit silly.

Gwen has a phone conversation with Rhys back in Wales and in a hilarious scene tells him she is staying in a shack, and that it’s cold and damp, while Rhys can hear seagulls and people enjoying themselves in the background. Rhys isn’t quite as silly as we thought.

Bill Pullman as Oswald Danes reappears talking to Jilly, and questions her about Phicorps, because he has done his research with his new access to the internet.

A new face graces the public eye in the form of Ellis Hartley Monroe, head of the “Dead is Dead” campaign. Her belief is the those who should be dead, should be treated as such and segregated to protect the rest of the world. It’s not surprising that she has followers. Many weak minded individuals are seeking anything to explain what is happening, and a way to stem the fear of this unknown.

Rex, having been what some may call too harsh with Esther for visiting her sister, pulls a hypocritical move by going to see his father while in L. A.

The mission this week, is to infiltrate a Phicorps building and replace a burned out server for another that should hold the key to part of this ‘Miracle Day’ mystery. To gain access, they must track down the one man with access to the server room. In a brilliant plan, Jack and Gwen pose as an annoyingly friendly American couple. And in Jack’s words, “You’re so never doing that accent again.’ Gwen would seem to agree with him.

The overflow hospital is living up to its name, as people are dropping off their – and I use the term very, very loosely – “loved ones” and leaving them.

Outside the hospital, Ellis Hartley Monroe is speaking to the press. Oswald Danes was to be speaking to this very same press when it was usurped by the irritating little woman. His fame in jeopardy, Oswald walks right through the press line, and into the hospital of sickly and contagious patients. He makes an endearing speech to ‘the unwanted” as the press clamours outside for a good shot of him. Ellis Monroe, it seems, will no longer be a thorn in Oswald’s side.

The team’s new op is on as they infiltrate the Phicorps building. Gwen, looks smashing in a slinky black dress as she asks security for the human resources department. They phone them, and of course the call is rerouted to Esther who finally pulls her weight in this operation.

Jack brings in the replacement server and they begin to change them out. The mysterious figure emerges, and the nameless character, played by C. Thomas Howell, attacks Gwen. Rex and Esther see this via the video contact lenses and Rex rushes to her aid… up 33 flights of stairs… with a damaged heart. Respect for that, Rex. As the mysterious assailant is about to divulge the name of those responsible, Rex unloads a clip into him.

Will we learn anything from him now?

If you missed last week’s episode be sure to read ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day – Dead Of Night’ to catch up.