Some movies these days are so heavily edited in post-production that fans have started to call them out as being “too fake.”  Whether it’s chintzy-haired werewolves from the ‘Twilight’ films, an army of flimsy-looking zombies in ‘World War Z,’or even a too-generic massive crowd battle scene in ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies,’ there have been multiple occasions where filmmakers have simply “phoned it in” or gone with a less-expensive CGI option when it comes to their effects.

Not all the special effects in the above-mentioned movies – or even most films, for that matter – are bad, per se, but audiences have definitely become wiser over the years to the vibe coming off a big screen when filmmakers have done certain scenes too cheaply, or relied too heavily on CGI throughout a film.  When certain movies come along, then, with the ability to present some of their most elaborate scenes with as little computer-animated assistance as possible, audiences can appreciate these films all the more.

Such is the case with ‘Mad Max: Fury Road,’ which won six Academy Awards upon its release for its design and editing achievements.  Some behind-the-scenes features on the home-video release of the film have trickled online, but now we have been given a mega-mix of raw, unedited footage from the film that,quite frankly, looks more amazing in its untouched form than many films can present after their editing bays have had their  way.

Check out the video below, billed as “Crash & Smash”and dedicated to “celebrating the daring and ingenuity of the ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ production team.”  It’s crazy fun!

Source: /Film

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