When a horror film earns $87 million at the box office with a $3 million budget it should be no surprise to anyone that a sequel is in the works. In the case of films like ‘Paranormal Activity’ you can expect the quality to start heading downhill pretty quickly. ‘Sinister.’ though. caught horror lovers attentions and didn’t lose it when it became a blockbuster hit. Blumhouse Productions may just have a franchise on their hand that they can keep popular and have a story line that won’t quickly get dull on their hands.

‘Sinister 2’ is going to bring back the original creators Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill to write the sequel. While it’s still up in the air if Derrickson will be back in the director’s chair it wouldn’t be surprising as he is also working with the production company on Stephen King’s ‘The Breathing Method’.

While the original starred Ethan Hawke’s discovery of home movies concerning the deeds of a serial killer that he is investigating that create a living nightmare for his family, we’re still in the dark on the details of the sequel. Will any of the family return? I can’t even begin to say how excited I am about this one. It’s rare that I want a sequel to a horror film these days. Let’s be honest ‘most’ of them haven’t warranted one. This is a story I could easily see be turned into a franchise that won’t be bound to shaky cam headaches or other such nonsense.

You can read ScienceFiction.com’s review of ‘Sinister‘ to see that even non-horror movie fanatics loved the movie. I am one and had to see it twice!

Are you looking forward to another ‘Sinister’ film? Let