Producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk had hoped to keep the theme of ‘American Horror Story’ Season Six a secret until it aired on September 14, but the secret may… or may not… have been accidentally spilled, when Rotten Tomatoes listed the theme as ‘The Fog’, which is the name of one of the 20+ teaser clips that have been released over the last few weeks.  But FX president John Landgraff declared that the majority of them were fake-outs and that only one of the clips featured the real theme.

It was believed that the one legit clip had already been released, but has it really?

Each clip hearkens back to a horror trope of film including a ‘Creature From the Black Lagoon’ type monster, eerie ‘Children of the Corn’ and… well, many, many others.

FX has just released yet another clip.  Ryan Murphy had previously stated that he wanted this installment to involve children and the new trailer reinforces that.  It is entitled ‘Baby Face’ and opens on a child’s room, before revealing the grotesque twist.

Check it out below:

Scary dolls are nothing new in the horror genre.  Like clowns, they represent something that is supposed to be endearing to a child but that many find terrifying.  The most famous horror doll is of course Chucky from the ‘Child’s Play’ series, while the most recent is the creepy ‘Annabelle’.

As for whether this is the true theme of AHS S6?  Doubtful.  It would take a lot to stretch a story about a scary doll out over the course of 12 or 13 episodes.

Whatever new season is about, it begins on September 14 of FX and features Sarah Paulson (as Daniella Danvers*), Evan Peters (Jason Shields), Kathy Bates (Rosemary Danvers), Denis O’Hare (Cuthbert Grange), Matt Bomer (Seth Ashford), Lily Rabe (Apollonia Merrow), Cheyenne Jackson (TBA), Cuba Gooding Jr. (Darius Crothers), Angela Bassett (Carmen), Lady Gaga (Arabella Danvers), Jamie Brewer (Sandrine), Finn Wittrock (TBA), Wes Bentley (TBA), Leslie Jordan (TBA), Emma Roberts (Luna Vale), Mare Winningham (Prudence Coyle), Estella warren (Nathalia Long), Jeffrey DeMunn (Foul Thing), Morris Chestnut (Dr. Ian Rutkins), Jessica Belkin (Tamara Travers) and Robert Buckley (Freddie Drake).

(* Character names are not confirmed, but have been widely circulated.)

What would YOU like the new season to be about?

Source: Cinema Blend