For many fans of  the superhero genre, the quirky little show ‘Powerless’ (which is set to premiere on NBC during midseason of 2017) was going to provide a new perspective on heroes and their impact on the world, and finally let us see the funny side of DC Comics. The project is very high profile, received marketing at San Diego Comic Con earlier this year, and has attracted a cast of fan favorites from many other beloved shows included Alan Tudyk (‘Firefly’), Danny Pudi (‘Community’) and Vanessa Hudgens (‘High School Musical’). All in all, it seemed to have a lot going for it, until Deadline recently broke the news that could spell certain doom for the show.

Apparently, Ben Queen, the man who created the show and was acting as showrunner, has left the show, citing “creative differences” between himself and Warner Bros. TV. Of course, we have no idea what those differences could be, but my money is that it had something to do with what heroes Queen was allowed to use on the show, as Warner Bros. has a bad history of forcing certain creative choices on their DC shows when it comes to heroes and villains they are “allowed” to use, and ruining great potential storylines because of it. (For a great example, look at how they forced ‘Arrow’ to abandon the Suicide Squad idea and even kill off Amanda Waller just because the movie was coming out).

At this point, they do have the pilot shot, but NBC apparently ordered a full season of ‘Powerless,’ and without a showrunner, they have already delayed production on the rest of the season, which may call into question whether or not the show’s premiere date with have to be delayed. Here’s hoping that another showrunner with the same passion for pop culture and superheroes steps up soon, as I would hate to see this project die before it even has a chance to air.

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