haley joel osment the x-file

Entertainment Weekly has provided the first look at Haley Joel Osment in his guest starring role in an upcoming episode of ‘The X-Files’.  He is pictured alongside Mitch Pileggi, who has played Walter Skinner since the beginning of the series.  Unfortunately, the magazine doesn’t have any further information on Osments character, but we do know that the episode in which he appears in delves into Skinner’s past and personal life.

The show’s creator Chris Carter discussed the upcoming episode, saying:

“We’ve really never explored the character of Walter Skinner.  We learn more about Skinner and more about his connections to Mulder and Scully and how he’s been a loyal advocate of theirs at his own expense. We learn about his young life and the X-Files moment he experienced as a much younger man.”

The image revealed seems to indicate that Osment’s character appears in the present, but that doesn’t mean that his relationship with Skinner doesn’t trace back years.  This episode will be the sixth of the current season, meaning it should air on February 7 on FOX.

Of course, Osment’s first major claim to fame was as a child actor, starring in the M. Night Shyamalan supernatural thriller ‘The Sixth Sense’.  He went on to appear in Steven Spielberg’s ‘A.I.’ and has done extensive voice work, usually for Disney, including depicting Sora in the hit ‘Kingdom Hearts’ video game series.  Most recently, he has appeared on ‘Future Man’ and ‘Silicon Valley’.  Most of his adult acting work has been in comedies and indies.  He has a role in the upcoming independent spectral drama ‘Clara’s Ghost’.

Season 11 of ‘The X-Files’ consists of ten episodes and it is possible that these will be the final installments of the beloved series, as Gillian Anderson has expressed a desire to move on.  The first episode was met with much controversy among longtime fans.

Are you enjoying ‘The X-Files’ season 11?  Are you curious to explore Skinner’s past?