It seemed like an odd choice for The CW to pick up a pilot order for ‘Friday the 13th‘ and nearly a year later the network seems to agree as they have announced that they won’t be moving forward with the series. The initial pitch has been put together by writers Steve Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle who had described this as a horror/crime thriller “with a stronger feel of grounded reality.”

It almost sounded like they wanted to go the ‘Hannibal’ route on the sophistication end of things and remove some of the supernatural elements which would have kept Jason eternally returning from the dead. In fact, we would have been viewing the events unfold through the eyes of a detective who was looking for his younger brother which may have been killed by the hand, or machete, of Voorhees.

News came during the recent TCA presentation from The CW when network president Mark Pedowitz made it official that the series was no longer in development and elaborated by saying:

“We didn’t believe it was a sustainable script or a sustainable series, It was a very good pilot, but not a sustainable series.”

That isn’t to say that this iteration of Jason will fully be dead though as The CW’s rights to the series expire in January and with no plans to renew them the writers are free to shop their idea around to other networks. The idea almost sounds interesting to hope that someone pursues it if the writing duo can polish their plan a little more and sell it to someone else. Of course, I’d prefer some original content instead of another reboot or rehash of an existing horror property when we know that Paramount is already developing a rebooted cinematic origin story for the big screen.

Do you think that this journey to Camp Crystal Lake could be one that you’d want to follow or is one less reboot of Voorhees sounding like a better direction? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Collider

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