The Walkind Dead

Fans have had all Summer to speculate, theorize, and even do a little whining about the cliff-hanger ending of the Season 6 finale episode of ‘The Walking Dead.’  As any watcher worth their salt will remember, the newest bad guy on the block, Negan, had just finished delivering a heart-felt speech to our core group of Alexandrians, concluding with the fact that, doggone it, one of them was just going to have to die.  He played a quick game of “Eeny Meeny Meiny Moe” and then starting bashing someone’s head in with Lucille, his barbed-wire-rimmed baseball bat.  The only problem for the audience (besides the obvious fact that one of the main characters was being pounded into ground meat): we couldn’t see who it was that was being killed… and we’ve had the entire off-season to antagonize about it.

The wait, however, is nearly over: AMC brings the hit show back for its seventh shambling season in October.  At San Diego Comic Con, we were given our first look at some new footage from the season, courtesy of a trailer that was obviously mum on who got killed but also fairly generous with the introduction of a few new characters from the comic book series.  Now, AMC has given us a short glimpse at a scene from the upcoming episode: here we see Dwight navigating a field of the undead – but why is he wearing Daryl’s all-too-familiar “angel wings” vest and riding his motorcycle as well?  Have a look-see:

While it’s definitely strange and pretty unclear why Dwight is wearing Daryl’s clothes (other than his weird obsession with Daryl, of course), there are more questions that arise from this short scene.  First and foremost might be: why does Dwight need to go so slow through what appears to be a relatively small gathering of clearly incapacitated zombies?  The answer to this question may actually be found in the Comic-Con trailer.  In it, we see zombies being thrown off an overpass, and what looks to be a different part of this scene where Dwight is looking up while holding onto the motorcycle, with half-splattered zombies all around him.  Could someone be targeting Dwight, or is someone simply killing zombies and Dwight had the misfortune to go meandering through the killzone?

The seventh season of ‘The Walking Dead’ will debut on AMC on October 23, 2016.

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