mainWe are pleased to announce that once again it is an all new Toy News Tuesday! We’re the one weekly column right here on where we seek out all of the awesome news you need to know about any announcements and cool happenings in the toy industry and put them all in one easy to find place for you! Things are finally quieting down around here for the long haul that is the end of summer! There have been a ton of great new items announced during the summer months, and as we prepare to bring the season to a close we still have plenty of new stuff heading our way! Check out the Toy News for the week of August 16th, 2016!

Own A Real Fossil!

Well, you won’t be able to take Captain America himself home, but this is probably the closest you’re ever going to get! Earlier this year it was revealed that there would be a massive ‘Captain America’ statue assembled in his home town of Brooklyn in New York City in honor of the iconic heroes 75th anniversary! This epic piece of art was made by Comicave Studios and is on display in Prospect Park in Brooklyn until August 23rd (at which point it will be moving to Barclays Center until the end of September, and then again moves to the Sunset Park ‘Bed, Bath, & Beyond’ store for the remainder of the year. Who knows where it will be going after that?).


While this is all well and good, I’m sure you’re wondering why we are talking about it in a toy news column? Well now the team at Comicave Studios has announced plans to release two limited edition smaller versions of the statue that you can take home for yourself! You will be able to own a piece of history in various scales, depending on which version you decide to go with. Comicave Studios is offering both a 1:12 scale Bronze Tribute Statue Replica for $450, as well as a 1:4 scale Pewter Tribute Statue Replica for a whopping $4,000! Check out the full releases below-

Captain America 75th Anniversary Tribute Statue

1/12 Scale Bronze Replica

Comicave Studios celebrates 75 years of Captain America, with a Tribute Statue of Marvel’s First Avenger in an iconic pose with his shield help up high. Bring home a piece of Marvel’s comic history, with the 1/12 scale Bronze Replica of the Captain America Tribute Statue. Cast in bronze, it is a timeless beauty fitting for an iconic comic hero’s history.

HANDCRAFTED FOR YOU: Each bronze replica is handcrafted individually, resulting in subtle imperfections and variations that make each piece uniquely yours.


SERIALIZED PLATE & AUTHENTICTY CARD: Each replica is accompanied with a metal plate certifying authenticity, with engraved serial number, as well as an authenticity card with basic care instructions.

WOODEN COLLECTORS’ BOX PACKAGING: Each replica comes packaged in a premium pine wood box with sliding cover.

Approx. Height: 340 mm / 13.4 in / Approx. Weight: 2.7 kg / 6 lbs / Approx. Weight: 3.7 kg / 8 lbs (with packaging) / Limited Edition: 750 pieces worldwide

Captain America 75th Anniversary Tribute Statue

1/4 Scale Pewter Replica

Comicave Studios celebrates 75 years of Captain America, with a Tribute Statue of Marvel’s First Avenger in an iconic pose with his shield help up high.
Bring home a piece of Marvel’s comic history, with the 1/4 scale Pewter Replica of the Captain America Tribute Statue.

High quality pewter with skilled craftsmanship by Royal Selangor, accentuates the statue’s details in a soft satin luster. Marvel’s First Avenger is transformed into a dazzling piece that is truly worth keeping for his heritage. Made-to-Order and limited to 100 pieces worldwide, each collector’s piece features a hand-finished full pewter replica statue, and wooden base with pewter detailing


SERIALIZED PLATE: Each replica is accompanied with a metal plate certifying authenticity, with engraved serial number.

WOODEN COLLECTORS’ BOX PACKAGING: Each replica comes packaged in a premium wooden box with a mahogany finish.

Approx. Height: 930 mm / 36.5 in / Approx. Weight: 15 kg / 33 lbs / Approx. Weight: 33 kg / 73 lbs (with packaging) / Made-to-order, limited to 100 pieces worldwide.

Marvel Legends Adding Something Strange To Next Wave

A few weeks back we got a look at the new ‘Doctor Strange’ themed wave of 6″ scale Marvel Legends figures from Hasbro, but now we have finally discovered the final two figures that will make up the wave! In a move that has surprised many, Hasbro has revealed the final two figures in the wave to be none other than The Enchantress and Astral Form Doctor Strange! Why is this surprising, you ask? Mostly because these two figures were previously only available in ‘San Diego Comic Con Exclusive’ box sets!  The operative word here being ‘exclusive’, because now they will be made readily available at mass retail. Brother Voodoo and the Build-A-Figure of Dormammu were also previously part of an SDCC exclusive set (in 2015, which is the same set that Astral Form Doctor Strange is from!), meaning that this wave is comprised almost entirely of previously exclusive figures! The only real new-comers here are the movie versions of Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo, and Nico from ‘The Runaways’ (yes, we know Iron Fist is in the wave too- but he is a repaint so does that really count?).


While many collectors are upset about the previously exclusive figures being given a wide release, don’t fret! While these two share the same molds and accessories of the previously exclusive versions, they each have darker paint jobs than the earlier exclusive releases so that you will be able to differentiate the two different versions of each figure.


We Are Guessing This Guys Are Probably ‘Anti-Registration’

These next figures are a bit of an odd one, but also pretty cool so bear with us! The team at MarvelousNews is reporting on a new wave of 7″ scale figures based on Marvel’s ‘Captain America: Civil War’, but the word on the street is that no one really knows who is producing them or where they came from! These aren’t from Hasbro or Diamond Select, and are currently only available in the overseas market, so there still stands a good chance that these are just well made bootlegs or knock-offs, but it’s kind of hard to argue against some of these!

While the paint applications look atrocious on some of these figures, the sculpts are mostly solid looking and the articulation is better than many on the market now! The wave of figures includes all of the ‘Civil War’ heavy hitters- Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, War Machine, Giant Man, Falcon, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Winter Soldier, and even The Vision (which is a character no one has produced a movie version of yet anywhere near this scale). These are currently only listed for sale on, so order at your own risk! We will follow up with more information on these figures as it comes to light! In the meantime, check them out below-


1Black Panther / Iron Man / War Machine

10The Winter Soldier / Captain America / Black Widow

9Scarlet Witch / The Vision

6Giant Man / Hawkeye

4The Falcon

ThreeZero Unleashes The Hound!

The crew over at ThreeZero are back at it again and bringing us some amazing new products! This week they revealed their newest piece in the form of a 1:6th scale figure of The Hound from G.R.R. Martin and HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’! This figure looks to capture the rough around the edges nature of the character and gives you enough accessories to keep you busy for a while! Check out the full release from ThreeZero’s Facebook page below-

Sandor Clegane “The Hound” continues our line of Game of Thrones collectibles! This 1/6th scale collectible, stands approximately 13” (33cm) tall and features new body, developed for this figure. The Hound comes with exchangeable hands, highly detailed armor costume (featuring: Gauntlets, Greaves and Belt Decoration); back and waits belts with scabbards and sheathes for the following weapons: Greatsword; Long Swong; Dagger and Katar.


The Hound collectible figure will be offered for pre-order at for a limited time starting from August 18th 9:00AM Hong Kong Time.

Sandor Clegane price at is 195USD/1520HKD with worldwide shipping included in the price.

As part of special threezerostore exclusive offer: we will have Threezero Store Deluxe Pack, featuring The Hound’s signature Helmet head accessory, this pack will be available for 210USD/1635HKD with International shipping included in the price.

1/6th scale Game of Thrones Sandor Clegane “The Hound” collectible details:


13”(33cm) tall articulated figure, with new body specially developed for this figure;
Head sculpt with realistic likeness and rooted hair;
Exchangeable hands;
Detailed armor costume featuring: Gauntlets, greaves, and belt decoration;
Back and waist belts with sheathes for weapons;
Long sword;

* Final product may vary from prototype images.

New Awesomeness From NECA

As collectors, we are living in an amazing time. There are so many great companies out there right now making some of the coolest collectibles the world has ever seen! One of those companies that has been steadfast to pump out as much awesome stuff as possible is NECA Toys, who have some great new stuff coming our way in the near future!

First up, we’ve gotten a new ‘in package’ look at their upcoming ToysRUs exclusive ‘Thermal Vision’ Alien Warrior figure from their ‘Alien Vs. Predator’ toyline! Recently posted to their social media, we get a better look at this glow-in-the-dark version of the previously released Alien Warrior figure, and wow does it look fantastic! If there is one type of re-issue that is always eye-catching, it’s got to be glow-in-the-dark! These are due exclusively in ToysRUs stores in October.


After months of waiting, we are also finally getting more information on NECA’s new ‘Contra’ figure two-pack! This set is starting to hit stores now and includes both Bill & Lance decked out in their classic 8-bit color schemes! Check out the full release for these from NECA below and keep your eyes peeled at your local shops-

We are proud to welcome a long-awaited, frequently requested addition to NECA’s line of classic video game tribute figures — as well as the first appearance of non-movie-based characters in the series. This special edition 2-pack from the fan favorite video game Contra includes Bill and Lance in an homage to their 8-bit glory days with Konami.


Standing approximately 7” tall, the figures have all new head sculpts and “pixilated” paint deco. The set includes custom-designed weapons based on the classic game; detachable blast effects for the weapons; and that infamous power-up capsule with a clear support stand for “floating” effect. Special window box packaging recreates the look of the classic game cartridge.

Titan Tackles The Final Frontier

The team over at Titan Merchandise is delving back into their fan favorite line of ‘Star Trek’ blindboxed vinyl figures! This latest wave, dubbed the ‘Make It So’ Collection, is going to be based on ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ and bring many of our favorite Starfleet officers and more! Check out the full release and series lineup below-

After the success of our Star Trek: The Original Series TITANS 3″ blindbox wave, we’re following up with the crew of the Enterprise-D in our Star Trek TITANS: The Next Generation – The “Make It So” Collection!


Featured in the wave is one of the greatest Captains in the history of Star Fleet – Jean Luc Picard! Plus: his right hand man and second in command, William T Riker (and his beard), the mighty Klingon Worf, android Data and the rest of the iconic bridge crew from the series!

You Will Never Believe ‘Who’ Titans Latest Exclusives Are!

Titan Merchandise is also going to be hitting up their ‘Doctor Who’ fans with a few new retailer exclusive figures to help pad out your collections even further!

If you are collecting Titan Merchandise’s 3″ ‘Doctor Who’ line, then you are undoubtedly excited for the new ‘A Good Man’ collection that is starting to hit stores now! What you might not know though, is that Hot Topic is going to have an all new exclusive figure in this wave in the form of ‘Nurse Rory’! Again, this figure will be available exclusively in cases of these figures found at Hot Topic stores!


Additionally, if you’re more into the larger 6.5 inch line of Titan Merchandise’s ‘Doctor Who’ figures, then Books-A-Million has a new exclusive you’ll be hard pressed to stay calm about!  The latest in the 6.5″ ‘Doctor Who’ series is an all new Books-A-Million exclusive ‘Meta-Crisis Doctor’! You can hunt him down in a BAM retail store, or buy him online here!



The Funko Forecast

Get ready for the Funko Forecast! This is where we’re going to be showcasing all of the cool new announcements and reveals from Funko! With all of the awesome that consistently seems to be flowing out of those guys, it shouldn’t be hard to keep this section alive each and every week!


Funko Premieres New Line!

The team at Funko has spent the last few years stealing our hearts with their various lines of vinyl figures like POP! Vinyls, Mystery Minis, Hikari, and Dorbz, and now they’re ready to get us hooked again with an all new line of blind-bagged minis dubbed Pint Size Heroes! This new line of 1.5″ tall figures (yes, they are THAT small) brings us what appears to be a miniturized mash-up of the POP! Vinyls and Dorbz lines that are something new entirely! Here’s the release from Funko for the new line-

Funko is proud to introduce our newest line of collectible vinyl figures to the Funko family – Pint Size Heroes! Everyone is going to be hooked on opening up Pint Size Heroes to find their favorite character. Created with Funko’s signature flair for designing charming stylized vinyl, we’ve taken our favorite parts of Pop! and Dorbz and made them into an even smaller package – and all at a new low price!

So far lines announced include DC Comics ‘Batman’ (September), Marvel Comics ‘Spiderman’ (October), and ‘Steven Universe’ (October). Each set will have exclusive figures available at various retailers like Hot Topic, Gamestop, and ToysRUs!


funko1DC Comics Batman

funko6Marvel Comics Spiderman

funko8Steven Universe

Back To The Well…

Over the years, Funko has made a POP! Vinyl figure out of just about everything! But going back a ways, there are quick a few ‘must have’ figures that were released so long back and have long since been retired, that people are finding it nearly impossible to complete their sets! Funko remedied this slightly a while back by ‘un-vaulting’ several of their retired ‘Star Wars’ POP!s to which fans had a mixed response- some were happy to have another chance to get these figures, while others were upset they spent so much on the secondary market to obtain the original release. Well now Funko has come full circle to bring us the best of both worlds by bringing us some brand-new POP! Vinyls of characters that had been previously released and vaulted- allowing the originals to retain their value while also allowing collectors to complete their character sets!

The team at PopVinyls has revealed that Funko announced new versions of the White, Red, and Pink Power Rangers during ‘Power Morphicon’ this past weekend! These new versions will feature new sculpts and action poses, so people who buy the other newly released Rangers can complete their team set. The original White, Red, and Pink Power Rangers were released way back in 2012 and sell for triple digits on average, so these new releases are certainly going to be a relief for those that missed out on them!

mmpr funko

Additionally, Funko has announced a new POP! Vinyl of Alex DeLarge from ‘A Clockwork Orange’ is being released! The original is somewhat of a legend in the POP! collectors community, as they were one of the first POP! vinyls ever made and only a handful of them were actually released! This new release has an entirely new sculpt, and should hopefully satiate collectors hunger for this iconic film character.

clockwork orange

And with that, we bring this week’s Toy News Tuesday to a close! What do you think about the new items announced this week? Do you plan on picking up anything we mentioned in this week’s column? Are there any lines or brands you’d like to see more coverage of? Let us know in the comments section below!

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