Rapper Common’s name was revealed months ago as being linked to ‘Suicide Squad,’ the David Ayers-helmed adaptation of the DC Comic Book series.  Until now, his prospective role was unrevealed, though many suspected he might be playing the arch foe of the underwater crusader Aquaman, Black Manta.  Now those rumors may have proven false as Common is believed to be playing another villain more suited to the gritty ‘Squad,’ the Tattooed Man.

In the comics, Tattooed Man is Mark Richards, a US Marine who applies mystic tattoos to his body representing the souls of all the people he has killed.  He calls this process “sin-grafting” and refers to his mission as an attempt to redeem the sins of his victims.  He then gains the power to bring these tattoos to life.

Richards is a suitable character for ‘Suicide Squad’ as he has always walked the gray line between good and evil.  Though technically a criminal, he has aided the Justice League and seems more motivated to protect his family and community than acquiring power and wealth for himself.  Incidentally, in the comics, fellow criminal Slipknot killed Richards’ son.  Slipknot is confirmed as a member of the team in the movie and will be played by Adam Beach.  Something tells me that there will be a confrontation (possibly to the death) between these two, if this latest rumor is true.

This is Common’s (born Lonnie Rashid Lynn) second chance to play a DC character.  Ironically, the Tattooed Man is classified as a villain of Green Lantern’s and the rapper/actor was cast as Green Lantern/John Stewart in George Miller’s ‘Justice League: Mortal’ which was scrapped just before filming was to have begun.  So far, Green Lantern is one of the few big name super heroes whose part hasn’t been cast in the DC Cinematic Universe.

Common has been spotted onset covered in body art including a serpent on his head, a notable feature on the comic book version.

‘Suicide Squad’ will seemingly feature one of the hugest casts of any comic book adaptation.  Common joins Jared Leto (The Joker), Adam Beach (Slipknot), Jai Courtney (Boomerang), Karen Fukuhara (Katana), Cara Delevingne (Enchantress), Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flag), Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), Will Smith (Deadshot), Adawale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Killer Croc), Jay Hernandez (El Diablo), Viola Davis (Amanda Waller) and Scott Eastwood.  Eastwood’s role has yet to be revealed, but reports that he will play government agent Steve Trevor seem to have been debunked.

Is Common a good fit for the DCU?  Will he make a better Tattooed Man or would you have preferred to see him tackle the part of Green Lantern?  Comment below!

Source: Cinema Blend