‘Batman V Superman’ is loaded with Easter Eggs for diehard comic book readers and now that the movie has been released on Blu-Ray and DVD, it looks like those fans are scrutinizing every frame.  One eagle-eyed observer took a screen shot of Ben Affleck as Batman on his computer and zoomed in on a small section of the monitor:


In the corner is a small box that reads Oracle Network.  Is this an Easter Egg?  Could be or maybe it’s just something that coincidentally slipped in.  It COULD be a reference to Oracle, the computer services, but that’s a stretch because technically that would be product placement but considering it’s so obscured unnoticeable to the naked eye, that wouldn’t make sense.

It could also just be a random term that someone in production threw in there with no real thought.

Or it could be a reference to… well, Oracle, a.k.a. longtime Batman supporting character Barbara Gordon.

Jena Malone was rumored to be playing Barbara in the film, but as we now know, that wasn’t the case.  (Malone instead played STAR Labs scientist Jenet Klyburn.)

Barbara is a beloved character and has appeared in various adaptations beginning with Yvonne Craig’s iconic turn as the character in the 1960s TV series, several animated series and she even starred in the short-lived live action ‘Birds of Prey’ live action series.  Most of the time, Barbara has appeared as Batgirl, but in ‘Birds of Prey’ she acted as Oracle, possibly the world’s greatest computer expert.

With that in mind, it would make sense to apply her name to a computer program or system in Batman’s command.  There have even been rumblings of a possible ‘Birds of Prey’ movie.  If that comes to fruition, it would help if there were teases for it in earlier movies.

Do think this was a true Easter Egg?  Or just some meaningless detail?  Would you like to see Barbara Gordon in a DC movie?