“In all chaos there is a cosmos,

In all disorder a secret order.”

We’ve all been there before. When two or more things occur and are meaningfully tied together despite having no external links that would marry them up. Nick, Juliette, and Adalind learn this the hard way in the latest ‘Grimm’.

Momma Grimm working to get Adalind and her babe to safety

While Nick’s discussing the downfall of being Monroe’s best man at the latter’s wedding, Meisner and Adalind arrive at the meet up spot in Switzerland, searching for the Resistance contact. What they get is a team of six Verrat who knew they were coming and ready to take Adalind back to Viktor. Lucky for them, Kelly Burkhardt—whom I’ll affectionately refer to as Momma Grimm—is already there and puts a fatal hurting on the Verrat agents (though Meisner did take out two of them). She gets Adalind and baby out of the country while Meisner—after filling Renard in on the past few days—decides it’s best for him to disappear for a while. Adalind’s not so lucky, especially when you consider some very powerful people are hunting her and the new baby.

After redirecting the pilots to switch up their flight plans due to the earlier ambush, Momma Grimm get some talk time. Adalind’s wiped, on the run for days and unable to get much rest. “It’s not easy trying to figure out how to be a mother,” she tells the frazzled hexenbiest and when Adalind gets some rest, Momma Grimm thinks back to the last time she spent with Nick just before her sister Marie took custody of the young boy. When they finally get to their destination, Adalind realizes Momma Grimm has taken them to Oregon. She makes the logical connection that Momma Grimm’s in league with Renard until…

In other ‘Grimm’ news, Nick tells Monroe of his decision not to be best man but the soon-to-groom comes up with the simplest of solutions; sunglasses. The two Wesen school their best friend and Grimm on how Wesen are able to identify Grimm; it’s all in the eyes. Crisis averted, Nick returns home where he and Juliette share some time together, talking about the upcoming nuptials of their best friends when Nick comes across their own engagement ring. A poignant silence fills the room but Juliette assures him that, when the time is right, he’ll be able to give it to her. Well, Nick sees that night as the right time but moments before he’s able to pop the question, Momma Grimm shows up with Adalind and baby in two. It’s not a surprise when it goes about as well as things could go. No blood was spilled, no skewered hexenbiest but quite a bit of pent up animosity between the trio are aired while Momma Grimm looks on in surprise and confusion. She gets a little more of the story when Juliette takes Adalind upstairs to feed Baby Schade. Despite wanting Adalind out, Nick defers to his mother when she tells him just how important the baby is to the entire world. Too bad Adalind didn’t get the message because she flees with Baby Schade minutes after Juliette leaves them alone upstairs. Tired, afraid, and with nowhere else to go, Adalind turns to the one person she can trust in Portland: Sean Renard.

Momma Grimm getting the first hand info on Nick and Adalind’s previous encounters

Nick figures Adalind’s destination out and, with Momma Grimm in tow, make their way to Renard’s condo. Nick’s the level head of the two, knowing the best course of action is to talk with his captain, not go in with guns blazing.  Well, they’ll need to hurry because, after getting rid of Danilov for his Verrat’s failure to apprehend the baby, Senor Rispoli is now head of the Verrat and seems to be quite thorough and a bit more talented than his predecessor. He’s able to trace the route of the plane and when Viktor catches the general direction, he knows exactly where they’re heading…

The city of Portland.

Grimm Times

  • Only ten days old and Baby Schade already has the power to rock the house. One can only imagine how much of a handful she’ll be when she gets older, wiser, and stronger. No wonder the Royals want her for their cause. And if she’s bending spoons and breaking mirrors when she’s hungry, what’s the little sweetheart going to do when she throws a real tantrum? Yikes!
  • So nearly three years in and we finally get why Wesen can recognize Nick’s Grimm status. I know about hindsight and all that jazz, but wouldn’t he have been better to have asked Monroe oh, I don’t know, the moment they became good friends?!
  • Speaking of talking about things, Nick and Juliette just now decided to touch base on their not-engagement? For shame! As it stands though, I have a feeling the now-happy couple will be tying the knot sooner rather than later.