Wreck-It Ralph 2

Ever since it first hit theaters back in 2012, fans have been clamoring for more ‘Wreck-It Ralph‘. The fun little film that showed us that bad guys aren’t always bad guys raced into the hearts of its audience with the message of loving yourself and all your flaws sprinkled with clever nostalgia featuring a number of iconic video game characters. And though director Rich Moore and star John C. Reilly talked about a sequel almost immediately after the original premiered, there weren’t any real details other than that everyone wanted to do it. However, that changed this week as Walt Disney Animation Studios announced a release date for the follow-up. 

During a Facebook Live broadcast, Moore and Reilly were joined by co-writer and co-director Phil Johnston to reveal that ‘Wreck-It Ralph 2’ would be released on March 9, 2018. In this new adventure, Reilly’s Ralph is reunited with Vanellope Von Schweetz (who is voiced by Sarah Silverman) as they take the world wide web by storm. You can catch a sneak peek at what they’re up to in the image above, but Moore expanded on the premise slightly in the formal press release announcing the movie:

“From the moment we started working on the first ‘Wreck-It Ralph,’ we knew there were so many possibilities with these characters. This time, Ralph’s wrecking wreaks havoc on the Web—as only he can do. Characters we loved in the first film are back and we are ecstatic to be working with them—and the actors who voice them—once again.”

Aside from Reilly and Silverman, we’re not sure who from the original film are returning to reprise their roles, but hopefully we get to catch up with Jack MacBrayer’s Fix-It Felix, Jane Lynch’s Sergeant Calhoun, the Nicelanders, and Ralph’s support group in some way. But while we wait to hear who will be returning for another round, the star expressed his excitement to come back and voice the lovable brute one more time:

“Ralph is a character very near and dear to my heart. I’m really looking forward to playing the big lug again. Making the first ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ was one of the most special experiences I’ve ever had and I’m really looking forward to bringing him back to life. So many kids I’ve met all over the world are excited to see him again, too. They tell me all the time!”

As Johnston pointed out in the statement from the studio, the internet offers endless opportunities for comedy. What if Ralph and Vanellope encounter adorable cat videos? Could you imagine them entering some of our favorite computer games like ‘Rollercoaster Tycoon’, ‘The Sims’, or ‘Minecraft’? And with the ability to access the internet with mobile devices and gaming consoles, does that mean that the duo’s world is opened up to the plethora of games available through those systems? And who will be making cameo appearances this time around? Again, the possibilities are endless, so while we wait for more details about the project, let us know what you’re hoping for from ‘Wreck-It Ralph 2’ in the comments below.

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