thor ragnorak poster

In a very odd choice for a film that is clearly being made with a humorous tone, and touted as a kind of superhero buddy cop (i.e. comedy) film, Marvel has released a “new” international trailer for ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ that is basically a rehash of the trailer we already got here in the US, except they decided to cut out all of the jokes. (note my quotations around the world “new,” as again, this is NOT a new trailer, this is a shorter, rearranged version of the trailer we’ve already seen, and I hate when studios do this, especially since the “new” trailer is arguably much worse.)

Gone are the bits with Thor talking to the camera about how he got bound in chains, gone is his gleeful exclamation of “Yes!!” when he sees the Hulk, or explanation to the Grandmaster that the Hulk is “a friend from work.” Instead, the whole trailer is just fighting, flames, dour melodrama, and heroic shots, all of which is sure to put one to sleep since we have seen all of this in these kinds of movies before.

Do not get me wrong, I am excited for ‘Thor: Ragnarok,’ but right now Marvel movies have an edge over the competition (*cough*DCEU*cough*) in that they can have fun with their material, making jokes and poking fun while doing all of the amazing action sequences. If I wanted to see darkness and destruction while the heroes are knocked down I would go drink and watch ‘Batman V Superman’ (I say drink because I am not sure I can watch that movie sober again). But alas, this is just an international trailer, tastes might be different overseas, but it is a known pet-peeve of mine that I hate “new” trailers that are anything but, especially when they ruin a great trailer, and this is that scenario in spades.

What are your thoughts here? Am I being too harsh? Check it out for yourself below, and weigh in with your opinions down in the comments section!