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Fans of the Robinson family and their daring, yet humorous survival story will be glad to hear that Netflix is rebooting the classic series ‘Lost in Space,’ ordering 10 episodes for the first season of the reboot. According to Netflix, the show is “a survival story for the ages.” Netflix originals VP Cindy Hollands continued in a statement from Wednesday to The Hollywood Reporter where she claimed that:

“The original series so deftly captured both drama and comedy, and that made it very appealing to a broad audience. The current creative team’s reimagining of the series for Netflix is sure to appeal to both fans who fondly remember the original and to create a new generation of enthusiasts around the world.”

Synthesis Entertainment’s Kevin Burns, who will be one of the executive producers on the show, has long tried to bring ‘Lost in Space’ back to the small screen, trying to revive the show as a biopic on NBC in 1999. The series once again almost got rebooted in 2004 when Warner Bros Television was developing a pilot written by Dougo Petrie and directed by John Woo, but that did not pan out either. And of course, there was the infamous 1998 movie written by Akiva Goldsman and directed by Stephen Hopkins, which did not fair well with audiences or critics, and was the most likely reason for the reboot delay all these years.

This will be Netflix’s first series set in space, and while they plan on staying somewhat true to the story of the original, they will definitely be updating the tone and feel of the story, with it being balanced between being a family drama and a science-fiction adventure, with hopefully a decent amount of humor thrown in, as it would not be ‘Lost in Space’ without some comedy.

Are you excited for the reboot? Or do you wish Netflix would keep producing original series’ and not fall into the reboot/sequel cycle that the rest of Hollywood is mired in? Share your opinions below!

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Nick is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles, who belongs to the privileged few who enjoyed the ending to ‘Lost.’ For more of Nick’s thoughts and articles, follow him on Twitter.