It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that the return of ‘Doctor Who’ after a year-long hiatus (the longest break since the show’s return in 2005) feels like something of an event. That being the case, it’s only natural that the BBC would take the opportunity to make the show’s return into even more of an event than it already is.

It’s become fairly common in recent years for theatrical screenings of ‘Doctor Who’ episodes to accompany the series’ milestones. So far that has included the fiftieth-anniversary screenings of ‘The Day of the Doctor’, along with screenings of Peter Capaldi’s debut as the Twelfth Doctor in ‘Deep Breath’ and the recent theatrical release of the animated restoration of ‘The Power of the Daleks’. Now we can add the show’s return from its year-long hiatus to the list of events that merit a theatrical engagement, as the BBC and Fathom Events have announced that this year’s Christmas special, ‘The Return of Doctor Mysterio’, will be coming to theaters in December.

As is usually the case with these releases, the theatrical presentation will include an exclusive introduction, as well as a pair of behind the scenes features, one focusing on the special’s approach to the superhero genre with the other serving detailing the making of the special. Along with this information, the BBC has also released the following teaser for the event:

Tickets for the theatrical event are available here. The screenings will take place at select cinemas at 7:00pm on December 27th and 29th.

‘Doctor Who’ will return on Christmas day with the broadcast of ‘The Return of Doctor Mysterio’. After that, the series will be back again in early 2017 for the premiere of Steven Moffat’s farewell season, which will culminate in next year’s Christmas special. In addition to returning star Peter Capaldi, the upcoming season and specials will feature Pearl Mackie, Matt Lucas, Justin Chatwin, and Charity Wakefield.

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