Sad news for all of those ‘Stargate’ fans waiting for the franchise to return to the big-screen as has been rumored the past few years. According to producer Dean Devlin, who wrote the original with Roland Emmerich, those plans are gone, at least for him.

According to Devlin:

“After Geostorm, I really came to the realization that I’m not the kind of guy who should ever work at studios. I excused myself from both Stargate and from Independence Day, so they may be going forward, but I don’t know. I’m not involved anymore.”

True, nowadays with reboots and restarts all the rage, having the original creative forces involved is not as necessary as it once was, but Devlin and Emmerich were involved in the franchise for years, and it would have been interesting to see it return to big screens under their direction after all these years of continuing on television screens. Yet Devlin’s reasoning here seems crazy to me, as making huge career decisions because of a movie like ‘Geostorm’ seems a little petty to me. Even though it was Devlin’s directorial debut, and was delayed and most likely had too much studio interference at the end, a bad movie is a bad movie, and the whole reason for the studio stepping in and getting in his way was most likely because they could sense the stinker of a movie they had on their hands and were trying to salvage the situation. From the get-go ‘Geostorm’ seemed like a tired idea, capitalizing on the world-ending action/adventure genre about a decade after it had hit its prime, and for ‘Stargate’ to suffer because Devlin had his feelings hurt over ‘Geostorm’ makes me a little annoyed.

Here’s hoping the franchise does find the means to continue without him, and does even better, especially since, based on ‘Geostorm,’ he might have been one of the elements holding it back from true big-screen greatness in the first place.

Source: The Matthew Aaron Show