There’s much unrest in the Wesen world as Nick’s investigation of the death of a construction worker puts him once again in the middle of creature conflict. Here’s this week’s recap of ‘Grimm!’


Nick decides he might as well get well acquainted with his Grimm side and decides to take a crack at using some of the weapons contained in Aunt Marie’s trailer. He calls Monroe to help him train and tells him to meet him in the woods. There, they go over some Grimm tactics like the use of wolves’ bane to camouflage the smell of a Grimm and the use of the hellebore extract as a tranquilizer. Monroe also teaches Nick how to use some of the ancient weapons used by former Grimms in their fight against evil Wesens.

Elsewhere in town, an Eisbiber (beaver-like Wesen) is meeting with a Soprano-like Wesen named Sal who is trying to extort money from him. The Eisbiber tells him he refuses to pay and will report him to the DA, but Sal’s not happy with that answer. As he goes to take care of the Eisbiber, a constructor worker named Arnold, witnesses the murder and calls the police. We see that Arnold is also an Eisbiber and tries to run away from Sal. Luckily Arnold was able to get into his truck and drive away before Sal can get to him.

Sgt. Wu leads Nick and Hank to the construction site where the murder occurred. After an initial go through, they find out that Arnold made the 911 call and head over to his home to question him. Arnold is not home but since the door was unlocked and he is considered as a missing witness to a murder, the detectives let themselves in. While looking around the trailer, Nick sees a picture and recognizes the people as the refrigerator repair Wesen and his friend that Nick had warned in the episode ‘Of Mouse and Men.’

Back at home, Nick is looking at the transcript of the 911 call Arnold made when Juliette tells him that she would like to invite Monroe over for dinner. Nick tries to dissuade her but she is insistent. In a panic, Nick tells Monroe of Juliette’s plans and tries to make a plan on how to politely refuse the offer. Monroe, however, thinks it’s a great idea to have dinner together while Nick is panicking that his Grimm and normal lives are becoming intertwined. They finally decide to go through with the dinner but make up lies about various details of their friendship.

Hank and Nick continue with their investigation of Robert’s death and finds out that he has been having trouble with someone in the planning commission. We find out that the person is Sal, the Wesen who killed him. The detectives question Sal and as they do, Sal turns into a Wesen right before Nick’s eyes. Just as Nick knows that Sal is a Wesen, Sal realizes that Nick is a Grimm.

Nick decides to visit Bud, the refrigerator repair Wesen that likes to give gifts (remember he helped fix Nick’s door in ‘Island of Dreams’) and asks if he knows where Arnold was. Bud hasn’t seen him but he was able to tell Nick what the creature was that Sal had turned into. Basically he’s a troll. Historically the trolls think they own all the bridges and demand money from anyone who works on them. Since most of the construction companies are owned by Eisbibers, they end up paying the trolls money to work on them. Bud tells Nick that if he finds Arnold, he’ll contact him.

Later that night, Monroe shows up for dinner. They talk about how they met and the cases they worked on glossing over any Grimm/Blutbod moments.

Bud visits his friend John and confronts him about hiding Arnold. He tries to talk Arnold to come forward and tells him that Nick can help. Arnold is freaked that his friend Bud is on first name terms with a Grimm and refuses to come out of hiding for fear that the trolls will retaliate by killing other Eisbibers. John agrees and suggests they take this issue to the Lodge where other Eisbibers can vote on what to do.

Sal is not happy that a Grimm confronted him about the murder so decides to find a way to deal with Nick. He suggests that they hire a Reaper to go after him and as luck would have it, his great uncle was made a Reaper after decapitating a Grimm in Copenhagen so he already knows how to get in touch with them.

Nick is invited to the Eisbibers lodge meeting and fills Nick in about what he needs to say to convince the Eisbibers that Arnold needs to identify Robert’s murderer. Nick addresses the community but they vote not to have Arnold snitch. Bud is upset and apologizes to Nick telling him that Eisbibers are not known as a brave Wesen bred. Nick disagrees and tells him that it took courage for him to come to his house, bring pie and fix a door all the while knowing he was a Grimm. He had thought that the other Eisbibers would be brave as he has been. Nick’s words had an effect on Bud who finally convinces Arnold to come forward.

Meanwhile, two Reapers are in town and manage to get Nick in their sights when he arrests Sal at his club. Arnold correctly identifies Sal and afterwards, Nick tells him to lay low. Bud and John suggest the Lodge and Nick offers to take him to ensure that he arrives there safely.

While taking Arnold to the lodge, Bud and John notice they are being followed and warn Nick. Nick tells the Eisbibers to go downstairs while he handles the Reapers. A fight ensues and Nick goes all ninja on the two Reapers and manages to kill them both thanks to the Grimm weapons he’s been training with.

Nick realizes that the Reapers will keep coming after him so he decides to send the group a message. With Monroe to help bury the bodies, they decide to send the heads back to where they came from with a note that says ‘Next time send your best.’

In appreciation of all that Nick has done for the Eisbibers, they have showered him and Juliette with baskets of food and gifts that have been delivered throughout the day. Juliette asks Nick what did he do to deserve all this. He replies, “My job.”

While this episode didn’t do much about moving Nick’s story further, it did show that the Wesen community is quite larger than one would have thought. Within Portland alone, there is a large community of Eisbibers (beaver-like Wesen). Who knows what abundance of other creature communities may exist.

The Wesens live a life somewhat like humans where there is oppression and hierarchy and without getting too preachy the series does send a message to the viewers…in this case, it’s to stand up against bullies and to do the right thing.

This episode did have a few groan worthy one line puns but overall the episode was a pleasant break from the seven royal families’ conflict that will no doubt be heavily featured as there are only 3 more episodes left in the season.

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