wizard world philadelphia 2016

It pretty much goes without saying, but seeing some of the amazing costumes that Cosplayers pull off during a convention is easily always one of the highlights to any Con! Right now there are a ton of conventions happening all over the world almost every single weekend, which means that the Cosplayers are sure to be there showcasing their latest fantastic looking costumes! This week we were live at Wizard World Philadelphia 2016 and to bring you some of the best Cosplay photos this convention has to offer! In this Third part of our gallery we’ve got a ton of cool stuff coming your way including Halo, Teen Titans, and even Jessica Jones! Check out Part Three of our Wizard World Philadelphia 2016 Cosplay Gallery below:



2Team Cap


3Scarlet Witch & Lady Sif


4Harley Quinn & Scarecrow


5Matt The Radar Technician


7Thor, Ms. Marvel, & Captain America

8The Rocketeer & Jenny

9Robin & Deathstroke


11Doctor Octopus

12Pyro & Hawkgirl

13Iron Man

14Beetljuice & Lydia

15Jessica Jones & Jewel

16Rita Repulsa

17Master Chief & A Covenant Grunt



20The Winter Soldier & Captain America

21Harley Quinn

22Batman & Roller Derby Harley

23Raven & Storm

24Harley Quinn

26Poison Ivy & Wonder Woman

27Shiek & Ganondorf

28The Winter Soldier

29Indiana Jones



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