Comic book legend Stan Lee turns 90 years old today!

With all that Stan Lee has done throughout his life, one would think he was turning 190 not 90! The iconic creator of some of the most beloved characters in the comic book world still has the charm and sharp wit of a young man, especially when he’s talking about superheroes and the worlds he’s created over the years.

While Lee now has his own comic book convention (Stan Lee’s Comikaze), a mobile game (‘Veritus’) and his own YouTube channel (Stan Lee’s World of Heroes), it’s what he did with comic book superheroes while he was with Marvel that he’s most celebrated for.

Lee created characters that readers could relate to, ones that showed vulnerability and humanity. With his creation of ‘The Fantastic Four,’ fanboys and fangirls saw superheroes as relatable individuals with the same doubts and flaws as the rest of us.

While most know of his creations that have appeared in highly successful films such as ‘The Avengers,’ ‘Thor,’ ‘Iron Man,’ ‘The Amazing Spider-Man,‘X-Men’ and those in not so successful ones such as ‘Daredevil,’ ‘Electra,’ ‘Hulk,’ Lee has created over 200 characters and many are still awaiting their time on the big screen such as ‘Ant-Man’ and ‘Doctor Strange.’ And, of course, he wrote the now famous and often quoted phrase: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Even at this age, Lee is still popping up in Marvel film cameos and roaming around the country attending comic book conventions to the delight of his fans. Now it’s our turn to return the favor!

So please join all of us at in wishing the illustrious Stan Lee a very Happy Birthday!! 

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If you’d like to wish Stan Lee a Happy Birthday personally, you can send a tweet to his Twitter account!