Captain America Civil War face off banner

‘Captain America: Civil War’ absolutely killed it at the box office – it still is, actually, as it continues to build on its current $1.1 billion take.  The film featured a ton of action and more fight sequences than you can shake a super-powered stick at, but as with most movies, some things were edited out for time/plot constraints and either left out of the final shooting script or on the cutting-room floor.  As we previously reported, a big fight scene between Chris Evans’ Captain America and Scarlet Johansson’s Black Widow didn’t make it into the final cut of the film – but now, animatics (visual storyboarding) of the fight sequence have made their way online.

Check out the sequence – along with a few extended scenes from the film – below!

UPDATE: It appears that the Marvel powers-that-be didn’t exactly approve these animatics finding their way online, and they have since been removed from all venues that we can see.  If we find them again, we’ll post updated links for you all!

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