Sadly we all know that Robert Englund has hung up the claw for reprising his role as Freddy Krueger in ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street‘ for good but he’s recently put it back on to criticize the reboot. While the general consensus is that the new take on everyone’s favorite dream walker was bad, Englund has shared why he feels it was a failure. With multiple films as Krueger under his belt and becoming an icon in the horror community for his work as the serial killer, it should be no surprise that he has a strong opinion on the subject.

In a recent interview during Belfast Comic-Con where he was promoting his films ‘The Midnight Man’ and ‘Nightworld,’ the question of Freddy, of course, came up. When asked about his thoughts on the remake, the main complaint he had wasn’t about the take on Krueger himself but of the teenagers in the film:

“They reshot the opening and it threw the movie off-kilter. You don’t see any of the people happy-go-lucky, they’re never untainted. They’re practically zombies from the get-go because they’re haunted by Freddy, and I think that was a miscalculation. You need to see before and after so you can invest emotionally with the children.”

While I quite enjoyed the idea of a darker ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ which the reboot was going for, it did fall short and this reason could quite possibly have been why. You never felt invested in the children who were being hunted by Freddy here as you were with Nancy in the original films.

While Englund will never don the makeup and mask again, he is open to appearing in future films if he was offered cameos such as “the cantankerous old professor or the group therapy guy that doesn’t believe they’re having nightmares.” I think that either of these would be a great role for him and falls in line where he previously stated that “They’re not gonna be bring me back for Freddy. Perhaps they’d bring me back in a cameo as an elderly dream expert at the local clinic for dream analysis or therapy?”

With ‘Halloween‘, ‘Hellraiser‘, and ‘Friday the 13th‘ all being rebooted it should surprise no one if we ended up seeing another take on ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’.

Would you want another Nightmare movie to be released? Would you want it to be a reboot or for them to try continuing the flop that they last released? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend

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