When the movie ‘Carrie’ is mentioned, one of the first images that come to mind is Sissy Spacek as ‘Carrie’ in her blood-drenched prom dress in the film version directed by Brian DePalma. Anyone who has seen the film knows this prank was the epitome of true nastiness and was the final straw that breaks Carrie’s constraint. Now EW has released the first two images of the reboot film and it includes that same image, this time with Chloe Moretz in the title role!

Regarding the filming of this scene, Moretz told EW, “We only have, like, four chances to get it right because that stuff stains your hair.”

Although the photos may be similar, director Kimberly Peirce’s reboot version of the film will lean towards Stephen King’s book rather than the prior movie with more focus on the relastionship between Carrie and her mother. As Moretz explains:

“ …what we’re actually doing is we’re taking the book and we’re breaking the book down and we’re putting a lot of elements of the book into our story, so it’s more of like a ‘Black Swan’ version of it. So you really see the mythology of the character and you really see everything going on with Carrie. It’s darker.”

Along with Carrie’s blood bath, EW also released a shot of her knife-wielding mother, the deeply religious woman with a few mental issues of her own played by Julianne Moore.

“This woman has clearly had a psychotic break, perhaps several,” Moore says of her character. “But what’s sad about it for me is that she’s clearly sick and here’s this poor child in the thrall of this person who is seriously ill. And on top of that, they have this mother-daughter relationship. So we want to make that relationship as meaningful as possible, even though it is horrible and destructive.”

While these two images seem very close to the original 1976 version, I’m hoping that there is some differences in Pierce’s version that will set it apart from DePalma’s classic film.

If you need a refresher what ‘Carrie’ is about, here’s the official synopsis:

The quiet suburb of Chamberlain, Maine is home to the deeply religious and conservative Margaret White and her daughter Carrie. Carrie is a sweet but meek outcast whom Margaret has sheltered from society. Gym teacher Miss Desjardin tries in vain to protect Carrie from local mean girls led by the popular and haughty Chris Hargenson, but only Chris’ best friend, Sue Snell, regrets their actions. In an effort to make amends, Sue asks her boyfriend, high school heartthrob Tommy Ross, to take Carrie to prom. Pushed to the limit by her peers at the dance, Carrie unleashes telekinetic havoc.

‘Carrie’ will premiere in theaters on March 13, 2013.