For anyone hoping that the 3 hour “R” rated Director’s Cut of ‘Batman V Superman’ will somehow magically solve all of the film’s many, many problems, you are in for a surprise. According to the film’s Cinematographer, Larry Fong, if you did not like the movie, the new version is not going to change any minds.

Many had hoped that with the inclusion of Jena Malone’s Barbara Gordon and the extension of the Doomsday fight scene with more blood and action (both rumored to be some of the better parts of the Director’s Cut), the film might have a way to appeal to more audience members, and perhaps fix some of the issues and part of the story that seemed rather stilted or lacking substance. But if Larry Fong is correct, the new cut will not sway anyone, and will most likely just be more of the same of what is already in the movie, except a little more violent, and a little bloodier. And if you loved ‘Batman V Superman,’ you might just think the new cut is amazing since it is Snyder’s definitive version of the movie. But for the rest of us, it is just more evidence that Snyder and the executives at Warner Brothers are completely out of touch with the audience for these films. On the bright side, the failure of the Director’s Cut might be yet another nail in Snyder’s creative control over the DCEU coffin, which might mean far superior DC films in the future.

What are your thoughts on the ‘Batman V Superman’ Director’s Cuts? Would you spend money on it? Share your opinions below!

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