WARNING: ‘Arrow’ spoilers ahead!

Well, even with Laurel’s death still fresh on our minds and with the Team still needing to find a way to deal with Damien Darhk, it seems the show’s producers are already looking toward the possibilities for Season 5 of ‘Arrow,’ with a recent casting call for a character named James that may be the villain for the new season. No one really thinks the character will be called “James” and we are not sure whether it is a clue as to the actual identity of the new villain for Season 5 (although last year the rumor had the Villain’s name as “Damien” and though we all thought it might be Damien Wayne, we were kind of close as it turned out to be Damien Darhk).

So far, all we know about this James character is that he is being described as “irrepressibly charming,” a contemporary of Oliver’s, and a “man on a mission,” apparently he is out to avenge a tragic loss from his past, which frankly, could fit any number of characters, both heroic and villainous, from the comic book world. The casting call specifically asks for an actor in his late 20s-30s (any ethnicity) who can come across as a physical threat (because, you know, they have to look like they could take on the Green Arrow or John Diggle in a fight).

Do you have any theories on who the new big bad might end up being? Does James sound familiar at all, or is it just being used to throw us off? Do you think the character will be part of the present day stories of Oliver, or will he just be used in the flashbacks of Season 5 (where apparently we will be seeing Oliver meet and work with his Bratva contacts)? Share your opinions and theories down in the comments below!

Source: Cinemablend

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