‘True Blood’ fans are getting excited for Season 5 to start, with all the new cast members being added. Christopher Heyerdahl (‘Hell on Wheels’) was added just this past week to the cast list. This week, there’s a new fairy in town. Meet Claude, played by Giles Matthey. Claude is Sookie’s fae cousin. In the the ‘True Blood’ novels, Claude is a triplet to Claudine and Claudette (although Claudette is not in the series). He’s a gay man, although he does seduce women at times. He owns a male strip club called Hooligans, where he used to be a stripper. Claude also is a runway model at times. He’s very crass and not at all polite. Later in the series Claude lives with Sookie, filling her house so she won’t be so alone.

I don’t know true the television version of Claude will remain true to the books, especially with the rumors of Jessica having interest in him. I could still see Hooligans being his source of income, since True Blood has never shied away from the nudity!

While Claude will be played by Giles Matthey, the character isn’t exactly new to the show. He was originally played, although very briefly, by Neil Hopkins (‘Lost’). Giles is new to the scene, his only credit so far is an episode of ‘The Good Wife’. The British actor will have his first appearance as Claude in the third episode of this upcoming season of ‘True Blood’.

Who are you most excited to see come to the series? Will you still be watching in Season 5?