Jonathan Nolan, one of the creators behind HBO’s upcoming ‘Westworld‘ re-imaging, has opened up as to why there was a delay in production. Along with Lisa Joy, the two have spent years preparing to adapt the 1973 Michael Crichton cult classic to the small screen. Last summer brought us a teaser trailer for the show followed by a ton of promotional shots though soon after, bad news hit. There was going to be a pause in production.

So what happened? Not much was known about it and even when J.J. Abrams spoke about the delay, he was pretty vague. Well, it seems like the duo in charge may have jumped the gun a little on moving from page to production. According to Nolan:

“We came out of the gate very, very quickly, because we wanted to get on the air as early as possible, and so we started shooting with only a handful of episodes in hand. Nothing that I have done prepared me for the sheer avalanche [of production requirements]. The truth is, what we’re doing there is a 10-hour movie. It’s not really a TV series. When they say ‘It’s not TV, it’s HBO,’ they’re really not kidding.”

While Nolan was expecting that his work on ‘Person of Interest‘ (which had him always on a tight schedule) would not make shooting this project a problem, ‘Westworld’ isn’t a procedural or set in modern times so both of these aspects really threw him for a loop. On top of that, they were not fully prepared for what filming this HBO series would entail:

“[Westworld is] a period piece and a science fiction film. Literally everything you put in front of the camera has to be built, designed, [or] bought. So it’s just an extremely complicated show to mount and put together. The network’s been extremely supportive.”

So while there was a hiccup in production, the series is nearing completion and it looks like they’ve got things back on track at this time. No word as to if this delay will have any negative consequences for his returning for a second season but I’m sure much will depend on how the show is received.

Are you looking forward to the new iteration of ‘Westworld’? Do you think HBO picked a perfect movie to turn into an ongoing series? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant

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