Apologies in advance for the pun, but ever since he exploded onto the second season of ‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ earlier this year, The Punisher has proven that he is a character that can captivate audiences. if given the proper opportunity.  After three failed attempts to launch the character in solo-film productions over the last 30 years, it appears that Marvel finally got it right: the character scored so well with audiences that the powers-that-be are officially giving him his own Netflix series.

According to reports, Jon Bernthal has already signed on to continue to portray the character that he brought to life  over several episodes of ‘Daredevil.’  The Punisher, also known by his given name of Frank Castle, is something of a tragic figure in the Marvel Universe; he’s a former special-ops military man (originally conceived as a Vietnam War veteran when the character first debuted in ‘Spider-Man’ comics back in 1974) who returns home after his tours of duty and finds adjustment to civilian life to be a challenge.  Matters are complicated to the Nth degree when he takes his family for an outing to a city park, where they are unwittingly placed in the middle of a mob shootout; Frank survives the bloodbath, but his wife and children do not.  Driven mad with rage, Frank dons the persona of The Punisher, using his extensive tactical and warfare knowledge to “punish” the bad guys the only way he knows how: kill ’em dead by serving as their judge, jury, and executioner.

‘Marvel’s The Punisher’ will become the sixth television series ordered to date by Netflix.  While it joins four other shows specifically focused on individual characters – ‘Daredevil,’ ‘Jessica Jones,’ ‘Luke Cage,’ and ‘Iron Fist‘ – there has been no official word yet on whether The Punisher will join these other characters in the other planned Netflix series, ‘The Defenders.’

No release date has been given as of yet.  According to reports, Marvel has hired writer/executive producer Steve Lightfoot to serve as showrunner.  An official announcement is expected from Marvel and Netflix later today.  Below is the first teaser image for the new series.

punisher teaser

Source: EW

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