Jason Statham (‘Furious 7′,’The Expendables 3’) has just signed on for ‘Meg,’ a film that involves a giant prehistoric shark which would usually scream Syfy B-Movie of the week. This isn’t a low budget horror film, though, and actually has both a big budget and some known talent behind it! Long known for his work in action films this will be his first big break into genre films and is a long overdue change for the actor. Personally, I was still secretly hoping he would agree to be cast as Bullseye in the Netflix ‘Daredevil’ series but with comments from both sides that ship has long sailed.

The movie will have Jon Turteltaub (‘National Treasure’) directing two men who are set to go up against Megalodon which is the prehistoric shark in question. After ‘Jaws’ and with modern technology, a mere shark isn’t enough to instill terror these days so this bad boy is 60-feet of pure terror which is chowing down on innocents who are swimming along China’s coastline. Right now there is no word as to who Statham will be playing in this Warner Brothers and Gravity co-produced film, but you can expect that he’ll be one of the two leads and quite a formidable one physically if any of his past roles are any indication.

Offhand, I kind of hope they have him punch the Megalodon in its snout at some point in the film though doubt we’ll see it hit that level of ridiculousness. I’m sure the most fun part for the actor though is that prior to becoming an action actor he was a world class athlete for the British National Diving Team.

At one point Eli Roth was attached to direct which had me thinking this would be a fun horror flick and now I’m thinking we’ll be in for more of an action film with horror elements.

Are you excited to see Statham take on a giant shark in ‘Meg’? Will this be his official crossover into genre films? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Collider

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