Grimm the believer

“We are each our own devil,
And we make this world our hell.”

A man preaches the word of God, using his Wesen state to instill hope while Nick and the gang continue to look for answers to the treasure of the Seven Knights while Eve takes extreme measures to find out what’s going on with Renard and his new mayoral candidacy. Sounds like a loaded plate: let’s get into.

Furis Rubian: one of several demonic-looking Wesen we've seen so far.
Furis Rubian: one of several demonic-looking Wesen we’ve seen so far.

After their conversation with Eve in the last episode, Nick and Hank fill Monrosalee in on their suspicions of Renard and his potential involvement with Black Claw. During their conversation, Monroe’s professor friend—Ian Krieger—calls about the inquiry of the cloth. The prof gives them a time and date where he can analyze it and they are set. Enter Eve: she fills the group in on her little transformation experiment and tells Nick her plan to gather intel on Renard and Rachel. All she’ll need to have is Renard out of the way for a few hours.

Meanwhile, Dwight Eleazer, evangelist, performs for his crowd. Offering himself up to Satan, he woges into quite the ugly mother, though people can only see the face of the devil. One parishioner records the entire episode but, after getting into a fight with one of the security guards, flees, not knowing he just killed a man. The detectives are called in and, after speaking to Dwight and his message of hope and possession, decide to attend the revival set for the following night. Sounds simple, right? Well, that’s where things get a bit more complicated.

Ben, the camera guy, reports back to his own church about Dwight’s possession. Nick and Hank track him down and question him about the bodyguard’s death. He repeats the possession thing and, after showing Ben’s video to Monrosalee, our friendly neighborhood Grimm has ID’d Dwight as a Furis Rubian. Contrary to appearance, Dwight’s Wesen species is rather non-violent, so the detectives need to do more digging. After experiencing Dwight’s possession first-hand, Nick and Hank confront the evangelist about his Wesen status. He eventually comes clean but doesn’t back down from his initiative. “I have a gift,” he says, “and I use it to help people.”  Unfortunately for Dwight, bodyguard Mark sides with Joan Vark and the Church of God—for a few pieces of gold (or $12,000 worth) to help Joan and the others take Dwight in order to save his soul.

Nick, Hank and Renard arrive too late to save Dwight.
Nick, Hank and Renard arrive too late to save Dwight.

Though not quite soul-saving, Eve dons Renard’s body again to do a bit of digging. The break in the case—Joan Vark and Dwight Eleazer were once hubby and wife—gives Nick the perfect cover to keep Renard busy. Eve heads to the captain’s home where she meets up with Rachel Wood. But Rachel doesn’t have conversation on her mind when she comes onto the Renard-looking Eve. We do find that the transformation isn’t as complete as Rachel would like but after a failure to launch, Rachel agrees to answer Renard-Eve’s questions…

Back to the Dwight kidnapping; Joan and her followers truss him up and introduce him to some very hot pokers in order to drive Satan from her former love. The pain triggers his woge and, when Dwight gets free, all hell breaks loose. Nick, Hank, and Renard arrive in time to prevent the injured Dwight from killing anyone but it’s too late for him. After Nick calms the Wesen, Dwight leaves this world, though his last act is giving Joan the belief that she did indeed save his soul.

Finally we get to see the analysis of the cloth. A mix of Aramaic and Latin, the gang discovers two words more pronounced than the others—miracle…and dangerous.


  • Nick and the gang’s investigation of Renard looks to be one of those things that, at the end of the day, will pit Grimm against Zauer-biest once more. I still recall Nick and Renard going toe-to-toe in season two’s “Face Off”. It’s still one of the best fights on the show and, though the captain wasn’t privy to the Dixon assassination attempt, his choice not to act once he found out will not go over well with the gang. Even if he is trying to learn more about Black Claw.
  • Speaking of claws, it sure looks like Wu’s suffering some of the after-effects of being struck by the lycanthrope. Odds are, his transformation will come at absolutely the wrong time for our grimm gang…just one more obstacle on top of Black Claw.
  • Finally, we do see a bit more of Adalind and Nick’s home life. Adalind asks if Nick can help in the search for Diana and, despite having zero to go on, Nick promises he’ll do just that. What will this mean in the grand scheme of things? Nothing in the short-term but I have a feeling that they’ll be playing the long game with this particular plot thread. And judging by next week, things get even more complicated when Adalind’s true nature returns in all its Hexen-biest glory.