amc walking dead

Not enough ‘The Walking Dead’ zombie mayhem in your life?  Tired of waiting through tedious commercial breaks to see where Carl will go next even though he’s told not to?  Well, you’re in luck as AMC has recently launched a premium content sub-channel – but as of right now, you can only get access to it if you’re a Comcast cable subscriber.

AMC Premiere offers bonus features not available to anyone else, along with early access to other extras and, most importantly for some, the ability to watch brand-new live episodes without commercial interruptions (meaning that you could conceivably finish an episode several minutes before the rest of the world.  Take that, ill-timed spoilers in your Facebook news feed!).

In addition to ‘Walking Dead’ extras, the service offers a variety of content for AMC’s other shows as well and within the week, will also start offering content that is not original to AMC. This coming weekend marks the first foray with the entire second season of BBC’s ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ available to stream via the service.

From the AMC Premiere website, the official description reads thusly:

AMC Premiere is an upgrade to AMC On Demand for Xfinity TV subscribers. It’s the premium fan experience for your favorite current-season AMC shows: Ad-free episodes, on all your screens, available at time of broadcast, with download enabled on Xfinity Stream. Subscribers get exclusive full-length bonus scenes, early access to trailers and webisodes, plus other show extras not available anywhere else, such as candid cast & creator interviews. There’s also a changing selection of uncut movies curated for show fans.

AMC Premiere is not a standalone service, so you won’t find it in your list of live TV channels. Instead, you can find it in the On Demand section of your Xfinity cable box menu, on Xfinity Stream mobile app, or [online].

The service is an extra $5 per month on your cable bill, and AMC President Charlie Collier says that the service will become available to non-Comcast users “in the not-so-distant” future as well.