It looks like Star-Lord’s dance card is full.

Popular super-team,the Guardians of the Galaxy, will be following up their first hit film with a sequel next year. You already know this. You probably also know that it is a lead in to the next big climax in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the two part ‘Infinity War.’ It has been suspected that the Guardians would be appearing in ‘Infinity War’ because, well, everyone will be appearing in ‘Infinity War.’ Now news has surfaced as to what will be next for the Guardians in following phase of the Marvel universe.

The ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ are going to galaxy far far away. A Disney source has released a major on-screen development from their purchase of Marvel. Star-Lord and crew will be visiting the Star Wars Universe.

How could this be, you ask? From a story standpoint, it sounds like the Guardians’ role in the Infinity War with be brief. They will engage the big bad Thanos just after he has secured all the Infinity Stone and their disappearance will be the demonstration of the Infinity Gauntlet’s power. Thanos effectively launches them through space and time leaving the more Earth-centric heroes to fight the War.

It’s unclear whether we are meant to believe that the Star Wars universe is part of the same universe as the Avengers. It could be that the events that have happened so far are unrelated due to the clear difference in time and place or if the universes are separate and the Infinity Stone portal is actually a trip through a newly established multiverse. If the former is true, the Force is actually a power present for Marvel characters to control. Imagine if the power to wield Thor’s hammer is actually a Force-sensitive ability. This is all speculation at this point, but wow. The mind races. If all that comes from this is Gamora fighting Rey, that’s pretty epic.

Just as epic as reading this story on April 1st!

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